91350 Homes Priced Under $400,000

See a complete list of 91350 homes priced under $400K. This 91350 zip code area includes portions of the Santa Clarita and Saugus areas. Unfortunately, it’s tough to find and buy any type of homes in Santa Clarita for less that $400k, but it is possible to find a condo or two in this area!

If you don’t find any suitable homes take a look at 91350 real estate listings or check out the homes priced in 91350 from $400K to $500K.

Listings of 91350 Real Estate Priced Below $400,000

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91350 Zip Code Map

91350 Real Estate – Price Ranges

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General Descriptions of 91350 Homes Priced Under $400k

There’s not going to be many homes available on the market in this price range, but in this area you might see more than in other locations. Most homes found will be condos but don’t expect to see single family detached homes, or houses. If you really want to find more of a selection of homes priced under $400,000 we encourage you to expand your search areas to include other local SCV zip code areas.

It’s not really possible to give you an accurate one size fits all description, but looking at the homes on the market today, let’s see what we can do. In this price range you can expect to find attached condo homes with 1 or 2 bedrooms and probably 1 bathroom. The sizes will be a bit small, but for a couple it could work and the prices are affordable! In fact, a home sized at 700 or 800 sq ft could work out just fine for a single or double occupancy. You’ll probably even be able to enjoy some nice shared community amenities to go with it. As a reminder, be sure to VERIFY any HOA costs BEFORE submitting an offer to buy.

That’s it for our overview! We hope you found this information helpful and wish you the best of luck with your home search! If planning to buy a home soon, be sure to research our home buying tips and resources.