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Published By: Matt Gregory

Geeks Buy Homes With Gregory Real Estate Group


I’m pleased to share our special home search tools for nerds. If you’re searching to buy a home and you are a bit of a nerd, you are in luck! That’s because, some of the home search tools on this site are for my fellow nerds only!

Post Update 2017! Forget all of this and just download our mobile app. There are no web based home search tools that work better than our app. Updates listings every 30 seconds!

Post Update! Sorry friends, but as it turned out most of our non-nerdy friends preferred the simple everyday home search tools as opposed to our techie search tools. As a result, we eliminated the old pages associated with offering the code to use the old home search tools.

More Convenient ways to search include:

Post Update 2: Hey guys, you’re going to love our newest home search app! Yes, you’ll be able to search homes for sale super easily, but what makes it so special and better than big nationwide home search is our local approach. If you live anywhere in Santa Clarita or the Los Angeles county vicinity, you will have access to specific insider local information. This will be first hand accounts of communities and even micro neighborhoods. It’s going to be awesome, so keep an eye on this site and you’ll find the app very soon!

Please Enjoy and Contact Us for Help With Your Home Purchase! If you don’t see the home search tool below and have no geek in you, click here to search for property the easy way!

Geek Girls love our newest property search options

CLICK ME NOW to see the latest property search options!

Most of our Santa Clarita home searchers use our super simple mobile friendly home search tools, so we provide many areas on this site specifically to accommodate their needs. But being a bit nerdy guy myself, I continue to keep a second version home search tool, but it’s really just for us geeky folks! No, it’s not mobile friendly but any seasoned geek knows, if you want to get any web work done quickly, you need your laptop or desktop anyway, right?

In this day and age of technical simplicity, most mainstream non-nerds will have nothing to do with installing Flash or Javascript. Who can blame them? Why spend the time bothering with it if you can achieve your goals more quickly without spending the time to install an app? Well, us geek types will use the more techie stuff, just because we can, and others can’t!

Why Bother With Our Home Search Tools for Nerds?
Here’s the thing. Our home search tool for nerds, just works better. It looks better than anything found on the major real estate sites, works better, offers more local information, and it’s more intuitive. If planning to buy a home, it’s just a cool way to search!

Get Help With Buying a Home
Okay, enough already about our nerd home search tools! If you’ve been using our home search tools and need any advice or help with buying a home, we are here for you!

If you want special deals and service just contact Matt and Meray Gregory and tell him you are one of Matt’s Dad’s fellow geek home search friends. I swear, if you tell Matt this he will work extra hard to get you a GREAT deal on a home and you will receive a SPECIAL GIFT worth big money when your transaction closes!

We hope you enjoyed our special post and look forward to your comments, Home Search Tools for My Fellow NERDS ONLY!

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