Home Sellers Move for FREE When Matt and Meray Sell Your Home

Sell Your Home and Move for FREE!

Sell Your Home With Us and We'll Send In Professional Movers to Move You for Free!

Wouldn't it be great for home sellers, if after selling their home, a moving company arrived to move them to their new location, for free? Well, this is exactly how it works when you list and sell your home with Matt and Meray of the Gregory Real Estate Group.

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We will move you for free when you list and sell your home with realtors, Matt and Meray Gregory. If you plan to sell a home anywhere in or nearby Santa Clarita, this is a special limited time offer worth serious consideration!

There is No Catch!

You might be thinking, "what's the catch" but the truth is, there is NO catch!

Since we continually refer multiple customers to our local professional moving partner, they have agreed to move our home seller clients, but at our special reduced rate just for us. Yes, it will be money out of our pockets to pay the cost of moving our home sellers, but we still charge the same competitive commission rates to our friends and clients as always. Since we have the ability to help our moving company achieve more business, they are willing to provide us with their services at a lower rate than for other customers. This enables us to provide more value to you, without raising our commission rates.

Home Sellers Move Free

Recent Customer - Sold Home and Moved FREE!

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Gregory Real Estate Group
Sold Our Home and Moved Us for FREE!
The second my husband and I left Matt & Meray's office we knew that we would be using them to sell our house and buy our new one! They go above and beyond what any other realtors do! This was really one of the smoothest transactions! We couldn't have asked for anything else! They decluttered and moved us for FREE! Anyone who has ever moved during the summer months knows what a blessing that is! Our house was sold within 1 week of listing it on the market! The detail with photos of the listing and the marketing that Matt & Meray do is amazing as well! No silly, iphone sideways photos.. these are the real deal professional photos! Not to mention, while they were on vacation in Mexico they helped negotiate and get our offer accepted on our new house! TALK ABOUT GREAT SERVICE!!! They were always available to me and my husband with all of our questions and handled everything professional!! They really went above and beyond, Don't look any further for a Realtor.. You will NOT be disappointed! Thank you Matt & Meray for everything you did!!!!
Written by: Courtney T
Real Estate Service
Date published: 06/30/2016
5 / 5 stars

Moving is No Fun for Home Sellers!

When it's time to sell your home, sometimes the most difficult part is MOVING! Almost everyone dislikes moving from one home to another! After taking an informal survey we were NOT surprised to learn that most home sellers really dislike moving. What was surprising was discovering just how much people really hate the whole moving process. The only group of people that dislike moving more than home sellers or renters, are the friends that get stuck helping!

Moving to a New Home is Exciting!

Although we agree it's exciting moving to a another home, the truth is, it's a lot of hard work! Now we can help by taking a bit of the sting out of the costs to sell your home as well as the expense and time associated with moving!

Before you can move forward with selling your home and moving for free, we'll find out what your home is really worth! We say "really worth" because almost ALL the online home evaluations or estimates are at best, inaccurate! Some are so bad they can lead you into making an uninformed and poor decision to sell! We absolutely refuse to let this happen to you or anyone else! Before you even consider selling, we encourage you to have us provide you with a simple, but REAL home evaluation. Even better, it costs you nothing!

The Home Selling Process

Of course there's more, but see below a general list of services provided and the associated process of selling your home.

  1. First, you'll meet with Realtors® Matt and Meray Gregory to review our marketing plan and discuss how we might customize it to suit your needs. Then we'll advise you on how to best prepare your home for sale.
  2. We immediately go to work creating a personalized home selling strategy, just for you. This will help to attract only financially qualified homebuyers.
  3. While we're strategizing, you'll receive your free boxes and packaging supplies to help you get started on packing.
  4. Together, we begin preparing your home for buyers. You might as well start packing now!
  5. Our professional photographer arrives to photograph your home.
  6. We pre-market your home on our company website, Facebook and other social networks.
  7. We list your home on the local MLS.
  8. Your home is listed on all major real estate websites.
  9. Your listing is published on Craigslist and similar sites.
  10. Qualified homebuyers visit your home.
  11. We begin receiving offers on your home.
  12. We negotiate the highest and best offer for you.
  13. The escrow process begins and we guide you throughout the entire process.
  14. Escrow closes and our professional movers arrive and move you to your new location.

Sell Home and Move for Free

We Want to Be Your Realtor® of Choice for a Lifetime

We believe you'll be so pleased with our services and representation, you will want to keep us as your realtors® for life! That's what we're really about! We want to be your realtor of choice, for a lifetime.

We know we can help you sell your home by providing a higher level of service, enabling you to receive the highest possible price for your home.

Get Started Selling Your Home and Moving

Special Offer for Home Sellers by Matt & Meray GregoryIf you're interested in scheduling a consultation to learn more about our offer to sell your home and move you for FREE, please contact Matt and Meray Gregory at the Gregory Real Estate Group of iRealty.

Your consideration of our services is sincerely appreciated and we look forward to meeting.

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Equal Housing Opportunity

This offer is only good for clients of Matt and Meray Gregory of the Gregory Real Estate Group at iRealty. You must list and sell your home with Matt and Meray in order to take advantage of this offer. This special offer is available for a limited time only and certain restrictions may apply. We reserve the right to resend this offer at anytime.

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