Advantages for Home Buyers When Choosing an ABR Realtor

Discover Helpful Resources for Buying a HomeIn the video below, we share about the advantages for home buyers when choosing an ABR Realtor for representation. Buying a home is a life changing event, so it's critical to have the most experienced agent representative possible.

ABR Realtor Video

Here's an outstanding video to help buyers learn more about the advantages of choosing an Accredited Buyer's Representative as their Realtor.

Advantages for Home Buyers - Choose an ABR Realtor

Matt Gregory is an active ABR Realtor® and founder of the Gregory Real Estate Group.

When you're ready to buy your next home, contact Matt at 661-713-4799 or email him directly at

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Advantages for Home Buyers When Choosing an ABR Realtor

Clearly there are definite advantages for home buyers when choosing an ABR Realtor. Simply put, when prospective home buyers choose a ABR as their agent, they can rest assured of the agent's training, experience and qualifications. Also, let's face it! If you are planning to buy a home in an area you are unfamiliar with, choosing an agent could be a challenge.

God knows, most agents often speak highly of themselves, so with positive accolades running rampant, as a buyer you can rest a little easier knowing your agent has earned the ABR designation.

Here in California, real estate transactions are no simple matter! Successful home buying transactions are best handled not only by a qualified ABR Realtor, but a full support team as well.

By working together as a team, our proactive approach helps to insure you find and buy your home quickly, and at the best price! That's why we at the Gregory Real Estate Group have a full team working together to provide you with only the very best possible service.

Local Santa Clarita Realtors Matt & Meray Gregory

Realtors Matt and Meray Gregory Serving Santa ClaritaMatt and Meray Gregory are the husband and wife team of the Gregory Real Estate Group. Matt proudly earned his ABR Realtor designation a number of years back and leverages his experience to provide advantages for for his clients.

Matt and Meray represent home buyers in Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley and other nearby communities. Both have lived and worked in Santa Clarita thier entire life. Combined with Matt's ABR designation, and their intimate knowledge of the local communities and neighborhoods, it makes for huge advantages for the home buyers they represent.

Matt Gregory - Realtor® ABR


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