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It’s that time of the year again and many of our Valencia Northpark residents are looking forward to the summer fun and neighborhood activities in Valencia Northpark.

Several times a year our friendly Northpark Homeowner’s Association organizes neighborhood activities, and during the summer we have the popular movie nights at our main swimming pool. Of course this is a kid favorite, and why not? What child wouldn’t want to watch a movie and go swimming at the same time. What fun!

Movie Nights at the Main Northpark Pool

One of the favorite Neighborhood activites in Valencia Northpark is movie night. The HOA sets up a waterproof screen right at the edge of the swimming pool. Residents can watch the movie from within the pool, or sit poolside if they can find a seat!

The movies selected are definitely of the “G” rated variety, and that’s works just fine for all.

The Northpark neighborhood has long been an attraction for new residents raising families, so of course there are a good number of kids. Everyone seems to enjoy and look forward to the movie nights at the pool and it’s a wonderful way to bring the community together and bond.

Kids Find Playtime Friends Easily

This brings up another subject specifically about neighborhoods and communities coming together. It seems many of us are so very busy with work and our life’s activities, it’s often difficult to make friends and spend time with our neighbors. Those residents with children usually have a jump on others, because their kids are social and make friends easily.

When it’s playtime, the kids want and need playmates, and finding a neighborhood friend occurs naturally. Us adults are too busy and usually aren’t looking for neighborhood friends.

The truth is, it usually takes our kids and these neighborhood activities in Valencia Northpark, to bring us together.

More Neighborhood Activities in Valencia Northpark

Other fun neighborhood activities in Valencia Northpark include basketball tournaments, holiday home decorating contests, Easter egg hunts, pumpkin carving contests, and more.

The schedule of events does change a bit from season to season but we hope it continues in the future.

We wish to extend our thanks to the Northpark Homeowner’s Association, board members, and the volunteers working hard and donating their time to make our fun neighborhood activities possible .

Please Share About Fun Activities In Your Neighborhood

We’re very interested in learning of the fun neighborhood activities going on in other neighborhoods and communities. Please share with us and feel free to comment on this post, Neighborhood Activities Valencia Northpark.

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