Marketplace Park of Santa Clarita

Marketplace Park of Santa Clarita

We're pleased to share about the recent opening of the new, Marketplace Park of Santa Clarita! Located in Valencia on the north west corner of Grandview Drive and Newhall Ranch Road, right between the Northbridge and Bridgeport neighborhoods. The new park is yet another example of the lovely neighborhood mini parks often found here in Santa Clarita.

Marketplace Park Video

Marketplace Park Features

The Marketplace Park of Santa Clarita is a small mini park but should NOT be confused a full size recreation park. There's a nice walkway extending around the perimeter of the park, a large lawn area, two picnic tables, a small canvas awning, a few park benches and a drinking fountain or two. Apparently, there were 127 parking places added and there are a couple of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Things to Do at the New Marketplace Park of Santa Clarita

The Marketplace Park of Santa Clarita would be fine for a very short visit. Visitors could get a little exercise, fly a kite or throw around the frisbee, but it's not the park you'd want to visit for a picnic or to stay for any length of time. Also keep in mind, the park is new and it will be years until the small trees are mature enough to provide any useable shade.

Marketplace Park Location

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Marketplace Park Pros and Cons

There are no bathrooms, playgrounds, soccer or baseball fields, but it's a nice place for a little quick fun or relaxation. As we mentioned, there's plenty of parking, including large spaces right up front for disabled access vehicles. We like the idea of the quick charging stations for electric vehicles, but since it's just a neighborhood type park, we can't really imagine why all the extra parking was needed but when it comes to parking, it's better to have more than not enough!

Marketplace Park Amenities List

  • Developed Walkways - Yes
  • Lighting - Yes
  • Restrooms - No
  • Parking - Yes
  • Playground - No
  • Sports Fields - No
  • Community Center - No
  • Drinking fountains Yes
  • Basketball or Tennis Courts - No
  • Developed Trails - Yes
  • Picnic Tables Yes, but only two
  • Park Benches - Yes
  • Shade and Shelter (Minimal)
  • BBQ's - No

Though the Marketplace Park of Santa Clarita is missing many of the amenities one might expect when visiting a park, it's quite nice and good spot to get away for a short time for have some outdoor fun or get a extra little rest and relaxation

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