If working hard and need a short break, it’s time to kick back and enjoy a few peaceful moments at Old Orchard Park of Santa Clarita.

Description of Old Orchard Park of Santa Clarita

Situated in the Valencia Old Orchard 1 Community, Old Orchard Park is a lovely and established neighborhood park in Santa Clarita. It’s located just off Lyons Avenue at 25023 Avenida Rotella, Santa Clarita, CA. Residents of the Old Orchard 1 community, can easily take pleasant walk to reach the park via the famous Valencia Paseo systems. There’s also plenty of parking available and the park is open to the public. You deserve a break, so why not allow yourself a few peaceful moments to enjoy this Old Orchard Park video, or visit for real!

Our own Gregory family have always enjoyed the Santa Clarita parks and especially these lovely neighborhood parks, typical of most Santa Clarita Communities. Based on our recent visit to Old Orchard Park, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular spot to while away a Sunday afternoon or spend a day off. There’s plenty of shade from the numerous mature trees, a playground for the children, large baseball diamond, basketball courts, picnic tables with cooking grills, and plenty of wide open space. Yes, there are public restroom facilities but no public swimming pool. If you’re a homeowner in the classic Old Orchard 1 neighborhood, the private association pool is right next door! If stressing at work or school and need a break, escape to the park and we promise you’ll walk away with a little peace and serenity.

Matt Gregory and the Gregory Real Estate Group have successfully completed many Santa Clarita Real Estate transactions. We always appreciate showing or listing homes in the areas surrounding the Santa Clarita Parks because they are such an attraction. They’re well maintained, relaxing and fun for the entire family.

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