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Matt & Meray Gregory of iRealtyPlease complete the form below. All information is secure and will NEVER be shared with anyone! We're here to help and there is never any sales pressure, whatsoever.

Depending on circumstances, we have a few possible solutions for those homeowners facing the possibility of foreclosure. Just don't wait too long! The sooner we're able to address the problem, the higher the chance for a successful outcome. There's no reason to be embarrassed just because you may be facing foreclosure. Many have come before you with similar circumstances, and many will continue to come after.


  1. […] Watch the video and read below as Matt reveals Santa Clarita Short Sale Myth Number Ten. If you or someone you care for are struggling with a mortgage, contact us and schedule a confidential consultation. […]

  2. […] this option at this time, we encourage you to come see us as soon as possible. Contact us today to schedule a free confidential consultation. Remember, a short sale costs the seller nothing! Call […]

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  4. […] a Word About Loan Modifications Keep in mind, loan modifications are really only for those having experienced short term loss of income due to health or employment issues. We all hear the advertising about loan modifications but in the end homeowners pay more money for their loan than they were before. Here at the Gregory Real Estate Group we offer a free analysis of any loan modification, enabling homeowners to find out exactly what the loan will cost. Contact Matt to arrange for a free confidential meeting. […]

  5. […] answer is very simple. Contact Matt Gregory at the Gregory Real Estate Group Real at iRealty. We are offering free loan modification analysis […]

  6. […] Yes! Let’s Meet ASAP and Get Started on a Short Sale! […]

  7. […] the meeting but need some advice regarding a mortgage problem, please contact us. We’ll schedule a free, confidential meeting and Matt will explain your options and help you find a […]

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  9. […]   Here at the Gregory Real Estate Group, we’re here to help, even if we don’t end up doing business. We don’t want to see anyone lose their home to foreclosure or make an uninformed decision about their mortgage. If we think you qualify for a Loan Mod, we’ll tell you!! If we think you’d best benefit from a short sale, we’ll tell you! We’ll help you explore ALL your options and do what’s best for you and your family! This is our promise to you! We want to HELP! Please contact us today to schedule a free confidential consultation. […]

  10. […] Matt Gregory directly at 661-347-6955. If you’re facing foreclosure it’s critical to schedule a confidential consultation as fast as possible to avoid […]

  11. […] your Mortgage Reach for Help Contact us here at and we’ll be happy to schedule a confidential meeting with you to help to decide your best course of action. Most of the time it’s best to let […]

  12. […] Here’s the Post as it appeared when originally published on 4/9/10 Matt Gregory of iRealty Valencia and, interviews Mike Ferrantino, a top Bank Negotiator with Access Loss Mitigation. They discuss the advantages of using an experienced and well connected third party negotiator to work with your lender and CLOSE YOUR REAL ESTATE DEAL! Matt & Pete Gregory, previously with of Keller Williams Realty almost always uses an expert third party Bank Negotiator to help get the deal done! Back then, our first choice was Mike Ferrantino & Access Loss Mitigation but today we use a company that has served us well for the last several years. If you’ve got Extreme Mortgage Problems and need help NOW, we’ll be happy to meet with you to explore your options. If a short sale is the best solution, we’ll help you short sell your home! You pay nothing and we handle everything, including paying our professional negotiator. Contact us today! […]

  13. […] PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not pay money to anyone up front for a loan modification. Beware of the SCAMS and if it sounds to good to be true it probably is! By the way, don’t count on the whole business about a Forensic Loan Audit or a Check for Securities Violations. They cost $3000.00 to $5,000.00 and there’s less than a 5% chance of finding anything significant enough to help your cause. Let us help you, help yourself! That’s what we’re here for! Contact us today! […]

  14. […] Pete Gregory with the Gregory Real Estate Group and I’m here today to write & talk about Distressed Properties, along […]

  15. […] contact us for a FREE consultation and we’ll help you explore your options. There are always solutions and we really want to […]

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