Homes & Villages of Newhall Ranch

The Newhall Ranch Project

Although the first set of homes for sale in the Villages of Newhall Ranch won’t be available until 2019 or 2020, the development is now underway. In the works for many years, this first phase will include roughly 10% of the overall development.

In order to gain some perspective on the size of this development, consider first the master planned community of Valencia has just over 24,000 households. Newhall Ranch will include 5 new villages with approximately 21,000 residential homes and over 5 million Sq Ft of commercial and other mixed use facilities.

See below, our general overview of this amazing new community and feel free to contact us directly should you have any questions. Matt & Meray Gregory, 661-713-4799.

Newhall Ranch Grading Progress
Date Shot: 5-24-19 Newhall Ranch Development Continues to Move Forward

List of The Villages of Newhall Ranch

As we learn more about each of the villages we'll be posting that information here. For now, we've provided short overviews of Mission Village, Landmark and Legacy.

Mission Village of Newhall Ranch

Mission Village of Newhall Ranch

If you want to buy a home in the new Mission Village in Newhall Ranch, it's going to be a ...
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Landmark Village

Landmark Village of Newhall Ranch

The Landmark Village community is part of the Newhall Ranch project and planned to be the second community developed, just ...
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Legacy Village of Newhall Ranch Development

Legacy Village of Newhall Ranch

Legacy Village will eventually be a community within the Newhall Ranch Development and planned sometime in the future. We know ...
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More Villages of Newhall Ranch Coming Soon!

Homes Under Construction

Brand New Housing in Santa Clarita Available Now!

If looking to buy a brand new home right now, homes sales in Newhall Ranch is still a ways off, perhaps as late as 2021.

You might be interested in a number of new housing developments in Santa Clarita, so have a look and be sure to contact us if you'd like to take a look.

Remember, it costs you nothing for your own realtor to represent your best interests with a new home purchase. If you sign in at the development without your agent, you lose the right to choose your own realtor. What's the old saying about the wolf guarding the hen house? Call Matt & Meray at 661-713-4799.

Newhall Ranch Progress Photos

Compliments to the Contractors: We visited the project while the rough grading was in progress and were duly impressed with the number of pieces of heavy equipment grading, without one speck of dust. Of course, that's nearly impossible with a project of this nature however it appears they are taking seriously the impact to the community and doing a great job!

Newhall Ranch is being developed by the parent company of Newhall Land and Farm, FivePoint Holdings. Looking at the documents on file with the county, we can see they are committed to making Newhall Ranch one of the most environmentally sustainable communities in the nation. You can learn more by visiting their website at NetZeroNewhall.

General Information

The information provided is based on our own visit to some of the boundaries of the development and our own review of documents and articles concerning the first three Villages of Newhall Ranch.

To be clear, the Gregory Real Estate Group is not affiliated with this project in any way. We are a family of Santa Clarita realtors and local real estate agents, so of course we are very interested in learning all we can about Newhall Ranch and sharing with our friends, clients and visitors.

How Long Until Newhall Ranch Homes Go Up for Sale?

Bar Chart Constructio Sschedule

The villages of Newhall Ranch are going to be terrific but the project will take longer than any of us would like. Although the first phase of development will be complete sometime in 2019 or 2020, 100% completion of all the villages could take as long as 20 to 30 years! This will depend in part, on changes to the economy and a number of other factors. If the economy continues to prosper and the demand for housing continues, we would bet full completion to be sooner as opposed to later.

As expected, the villages will be completed in phases and opened over time. It has been reported the first phase includes a portion of Mission Village including 620 homes, a fire station, library & recreation center, all together representing 10% of the overall development. When complete, Mission Village will have a total of 4,055 residential units, 351 of which are single family. To be honest, the small number of single family homes (houses) is a bit disappointing.  There will also be a large portion of retail and office space.

Location for the Villages of Newhall Ranch

Villages of Newhall Ranch
Approximate location of Newhall Ranch Villages in relation to Magic Mountain, Interstate 5 and the 126

The Newhall Ranch villages will be located adjacent to Valencia, west of interstate 5, south of the 126 and north of Stevenson Ranch. Mission Village is the first in development and it's located near Magic Mountain. Landmark Village is closer to highway 126.

Community Amenities for Newhall Ranch

Recreational Lake

Recreational Lake
Newhall Ranch residents will enjoy the use of a gorgeous, 15 acre recreational lake.

18 hole golf course planned for Newhall Ranch

Golf Course
If golf is your thing, you'll be thrilled about the new 18 hole golf course planned for development.

Recreational Parks & Developed Trails

Trails & Parks
There will be up to 10 neighborhood parks and miles of developed trail systems.

Hiking Trail

Hiking Trails
This is so cool! There will be miles of hiking trails winding through the preserved natural land.

Energy Efficient Homes and Community

Electric Car Plugged In and Charging
Solar Panels Planned for Newhall Ranch Village Homes

If you're wondering what it will be like living in the Villages of Newhall Ranch, you might be surprised. For one thing, you can plan on lower energy costs. All the homes will be built with energy efficiency in mind.

Although each home will have solar panels, energy efficiency goes far beyond that. It's a mix of  using the right building materials and installation methods used to achieve an energy efficient environment.

Another interesting feature is, every home will come with a charging station for an electric vehicle. Of course, the electric car doesn't come with it, so you're on your own for that one! There will even be a number of public charging stations located within the common areas of the villages.

All the homes and villages are environmentally friendly and being developed to achieve zero net energy standards. This is interesting and one of the first of it's kind. To learn more about net zero sustainability and efforts by Newhall Ranch to achieve this impressive goal please visit the Net Zero Site.

Use Caution When Visiting New Housing Developments

Newhall Ranch won't be ready for quite some time but it's important to take your Realtor with you when visiting any new developments, especially for the first time. If you don't, you will NOT be able to buy a home using your own agent! It's bad practice for the seller to also represent the buyer's best interests in any real estate transaction, even in a new development. Feel free to contact us for help. We'll take you on a tour of new developments and provide you with the professional representation you deserve!

Call Matt & Meray Gregory at 661-713-4799

Newhall Ranch Community Trails, Parks, Schools & Fire Station

Trail Systems
Similar to the Valencia neighborhoods of Santa Clarita, the new residents of the Newhall Ranch Villages will also enjoy the lovely, developed trail systems that will connect up to community parks and schools. But wait, it doesn't end there! There will also be miles of gorgeous hiking trails winding through the preserved special management areas and open area.

Newhall Ranch Schools
Our research on this is a bit vague however the developer has indicated there will be multiple elementary schools, one junior high school and one high school. You can bet these new Newhall Ranch schools will follow in the footsteps of Santa Clarita's award winning schools. That's good news for homebuyers because they won't have to spend money on private schools. Yes, we expect the new schools to be outstanding!

Fire Stations
The first phase includes one fire station and the overall project calls for two stations, we assume at opposite ends of the community.

We don't have a full count however there are a number of community libraries planned as well.

Newhall Ranch Community Services
The plans for Newhall Ranch allow for the development of community services and amenities by the public and private business, for services such as medical facilities, pre-schools, churches and commercial recreation.

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