Short Sale Transactions Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

Short Sale Transactions Expert Matt Gregory CDPEIf struggling with your mortgage you might be interested to discover how short sale transactions help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

I'm Matt Gregory and I'm a Certified Distressed Property Expert realtor. I've represented many friends and clients to buy and sell homes, but the most exciting part of my job is closing short sale transactions. There's nothing more satisfying than helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. To see a long awaited short sale transaction close and watch our client walk away with a fresh start makes for a great days work! Of course, it takes much longer than one day and in fact, a short sale transaction can take a good amount of time.

Depending on a variety of factors, most short sale transactions takes from four to six months. Sometimes, less, and sometimes more. Thankfully, our professional team of experienced bank negotiators can often work with your lender to stall the sale date, giving us the time needed to complete a short sale. Have a look at the video and be sure to see below for some inspirational short sale success stories.

CAUTION: If facing foreclosure it's more important than ever to begin the short sale process ASAP. If you have received a Notice of Default, contact us immediately. If a SALE DATE has been set, it's probably too late.


As a trained and experienced Certified Distressed Property Expert, I've experienced many successful short sale transactions and watched many homeowners avoid foreclosure. There have been a few short sales that failed, but struggling homeowners might be surprised at the circumstances surrounding the successes. Take a look at just a couple of success stories below:

Short Sale Transactions - True Success Stories

Santa Clarita Homeowner Receives $3000 After Short Sale - With this short sale, we obtained $3000 in cash back to the homeowner. It's might not sound like all that much, but considering the circumstances, it certainly helped.

Santa Clarita Short Sale Transaction with Six Liens – Closed! - Our client walked away with $6000 and six liens were wiped out! What a relief for the homeowner to avoid foreclosure and finally be rid of this burden. Also, the extra money resulting from this short sale transaction was icing on the cake!

As evidenced by our short sale success stories above, it's true how short sale transactions help homeowners avoid foreclosure. Starting the short sale process is easy and costs the struggling homeowner nothing! The real estate broker fee is paid by the lender.

At the Gregory Real Estate Group we are trained and experienced to handle all manner of transactions, as well as the typical standard sale. We've been fortunate to have helped many avoid foreclosure and we can help you as well!

Please contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss all possible options and solutions. Matt Gregory 661-713-4799.

We are pleased to share how short sale transactions help homeowners avoid foreclosure, and we hope our visitors found this helpful.

Your Local Short Sale Experts - Matt & Meray Gregory

Matt & Meray Gregory of iRealty
Matt & Meray Gregory

We are local Santa Clarita Realtors® Matt & Meray Gregory and have helped many homeowners avoid foreclosure by short selling their homes.


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