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Advantages for Home Buyers When Choosing an ABR Realtor

In the video below, we share about the advantages for home buyers when choosing an ABR Realtor for representation. Buying a home is a life changing event, so it’s critical to have the most experienced agent representative possible.

ABR Realtor Video

Here’s an outstanding video to help buyers learn more about the advantages of choosing an Accredited Buyer’s Representative as their Realtor.

Advantages for Home Buyers - Choose an ABR Realtor

Matt & Meray Gregory are both active ABR REALTORS® at the Gregory Real Estate Group.

When you’re ready to buy your next home, contact Matt & Meray at 661-713-4799 or email them directly at info@gregoryrealestategroup.com.

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Advantages for Home Buyers When Choosing an ABR Realtor

Clearly there are definite advantages for home buyers when choosing an ABR Realtor. Simply put, when prospective home buyers choose a ABR as their agent, they can rest assured of the agent’s training, experience and qualifications. Also, let’s face it! If you are planning to buy a home in an area you are unfamiliar with, choosing an agent could be a challenge.

God knows, most agents often speak highly of themselves, so with positive accolades running rampant, as a buyer you can rest a little easier knowing your agent has earned the ABR designation.

Here in California, real estate transactions are no simple matter! Successful home buying transactions are best handled not only by a qualified ABR Realtor, but a full support team as well.

By working together as a team, our proactive approach helps to insure you find and buy your home quickly, and at the best price! That’s why we at the Gregory Real Estate Group have a full team of real estate agents working together to provide you with only the very best possible service.

Common Facts and Misconceptions About Choosing a Home Buyer’s Agent

  • Some buyers incorrectly believe using their own realtor to buy a home is too costly! In truth, using your own realtor for buying a home costs you nothing! The seller pays the broker costs.
  • Some believe it’s better to work with the real estate agent that is also selling the property. You should know, all California Realtors have a fiduciary responsibility to both sides in a real estate transaction. Even so, put yourself in the realtor’s shoes for a moment. Would it not be difficult for you to favor one side over the other? Also, it’s very common for the seller’s agent to be a friend or relative. While we do sometimes represent both sides of the transaction, we take this responsibility very seriously. We also have the experience needed to handle this correctly. We suggest you should put some serious thought into using the sellers agent before moving forward with a similar arrangement.
  • Some might think, when buying a brand new home, they don’t need their your own realtor! Nothing could be further from the truth! The agents selling the brand new homes work directly for the developer! Do you think they will share anything negative whatsoever about the homes in the development? Certainly, they must disclose, but do you think they will share anything more than required by law. Please do yourself a favor and obtain qualified representation. After all, it costs you absolutely nothing and may save you a ton!
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you sign up or sign in while visiting any new housing development, you are automatically giving up your right to use your own agent! Take your agent with you or at the very lease, take some of your agent’s cards and hand them to the developer’s representative while visiting. Don’t sign anything!
  • When choosing a qualified and experienced ABR Realtor, he or she will work hard to help you find and buy the perfect home.
  • It’s always a good decision for your agent to have experience buying and selling in the local community in which you plan to buy. Many communities have different peculiarities, special taxes and homeowner associations. It can only help to have an agent that is also very familiar with your community of interest.
  • Then, we have some buyers who think it’s best to choose a large and well known bank for your home loan! The truth is, this is not the best course of action. If your realtor refers a good amount of business to an associate loan officer, it will be in the buyers best interest to at least meet with that loan officer and consider their services. A good independent loan officer will jump through hoops on your behalf and is often the difference between success and failure.

Matt and Meray are both Accredited Buyer Representatives and represent home buyers in Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley and other nearby communities. Both have lived and worked in Santa Clarita their entire life. Combined with their ABR designation, and combined intimate knowledge of the local communities, makes for a huge advantages for the home buyers they represent.

Matt & Meray Gregory – REALTORS® ABR

We look forward to your questions and hope you found it helpful to learn of the Advantages for Home Buyer’s When Choosing an ABR Realtor.

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