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55 Plus Community in Santa Clarita

If you at least 55 years of age and interested in buying a home in a 55 Plus community, this is where you will find them. See our first hand local information about each community, including photos and videos. These are not assisted living communities and primarily include only active adult communities where you might buy a home.

55 Plus Community Facts

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Verano 55 Plus Community

Verano Community, Homes and Real Estate

Built in 2020, Verano is an active senior living community nestled in the hills of the new Aliento community. It’s really more of a village with 95 homes with a gated entrance and plenty of amenities. See our report to view learn of the community amenities, photos and more.

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Galloway 55 Plus Community Monument Sign

Galloway 55 Plus Community

Galloway is a terrific new active adult community in Five Knolls of Santa Clarita Valley. The neighborhood comes with plenty of amenities geared for adults, but there’s also a Senior Community Center located next door. Yep, when it comes to local conveniences, you’d be hard pressed to match this one!

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The New Highlands Development

The new Highlands neighborhoods are now in development at the top edge of the Tesoro community. There will be 360 brand new homes specifically dedicated for active adults all situated in their own gated neighborhood. Click on the link above to find out more and keep up with the project status.

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Benefits of Choosing a Senior Real Estate Specialist

55 Plus Overview

As the number of senior living 55 plus communities in Santa Clarita continue to grow, active adults have more options than ever before when buying homes in suitable communities.

NOTE: Here, you will only see senior living communities with single family homes, townhomes or condos for sale. We do not include mobile home communities, assisted living facilities or rentals.

Once upon a time options were quite limited for active adults but that’s no longer true. Yes, we still have the Friendly Valley neighborhoods and of course there are a number of senior specific mobile home parks, but you might be surprised at some of the senior homes in the newer developments.

In fact, some of these neighborhoods are quite luxurious, resembling small resorts. Others are more modest but one thing they all have in common are amenities geared toward active, 55 plus seniors.

Interior of Home in Galloway 55 Plus
Kitchen & Primary Bath in Galloway Home

Find 55 Plus Communities
The following list of communities are located in Santa Clarita and specifically designated for active adults at least 55 years of age who want to buy a home. Of course, there are other neighborhoods that are NOT designated as 55 Plus, but adults will still find homes suitable to fit their lifestyles. As lifetime residents & Senior Real Estate Specialists, we can help you find and buy your home.

  • Belcaro of Valencia
  • Verano in Aliento
  • Friendly Valley
  • Galloway at Five Knolls
  • The Highlands in Tesoro Coming Soon! A portion of this new development includes 360 brand new homes for active adults. Rough grading is in progress.
Golf Theme Affordable 55 Plus
Friendly Valley, 55+ community

Active Adult Community Prices
The photo above was taken in the classic, Friendly Valley community. This is the oldest and most affordable 55 plus in SCV. It’s well maintained and really is quite lovely.

Depending on which community you choose, the price can be very steep. To be honest, it makes us wonder if home prices in some areas are too far out of reach for the majority of our local 55+ crowd.

To be sure, brand new homes in the recently developed 55 Plus communities can be quite costly. Thankfully, there are still some reasonably priced homes usually available in Friendly Valley.

Be sure to have a look at all our senior living communities and reports. We provide first hand information, photos and videos intended to help our local seniors find and buy their perfect homes for this stage of their lives.

How are the Senior Living Communities in Santa Clarita Different than Non Age Restricted neighborhoods?
This is an interesting question and it really depends on the community. Some of these newer 55 Plus communities are similar to mini resorts. Usually, but not always, the homes tend to be smaller and are single story. Even if it’s a 2 story home, usually the master bedroom and bathroom is downstairs.

One thing active adult communities all have in common are the amenities. Usually the amenities are quite nice and geared toward seniors. They also have organized, age appropriate activities and clubs.

Here in Santa Clarita, most of the adult communities are gated and secure. Many of the homes will be a bit smaller and often single story homes.

There’s plenty more to share on this but I think you get the picture. For sure, the newer homes will be more accessible for seniors AND more expensive. Keep in mind, these senior designated 55 Plus communities are intended for ACTIVE seniors and NOT assisted living.

Buying or Selling for 55 Plus

Gate Guard to Belcaro 55 Plus
Guard Gated Entry to Belcaro
Home in Verano 55 Plus
Single Story in Verano

If you are over the age of 55, your real estate needs will be different than say, those of a first-time homebuyer or seller. Perhaps you are ready to retire or simply just downsize. Many seniors like the idea of living in an active adult community. Whatever the reason, you can depend on us as a SRES® to serve your specialized needs.

If you or a family member are considering buying or selling a home and moving into a house more suitable for your needs, you'll need to know specific information to help you make accurate and informed decisions. That's where we can really help. As experienced Realtors® and Senior Real Estate Specialists, we have the qualifications, experience and insight to help you every step of the way.

Senior Real Estate Specialists
Our representation will help you learn of opportunities created just for those 55 and over. We'll also help you avoid the road blocks and pitfalls associated with buying or selling real estate, especially for those properties within senior living communities! Contact Matt & Meray Gregory at 661-713-4799.

Typical Amenities in 55+ Communities

Typically, the amenities in a 55+ community are geared toward active seniors. Some communities are even themed to fit a particular interest. Of course, golf is a common neighborhood theme but in other areas outside of Santa Clarita there are plenty more. It's very interesting and might be worth doing further research to see if there are any themed communities that might fit your passion.

Typical Active Adult Amenities
In most communities you'll usually find the same amenities as in other neighborhoods. These might include a pool, hot tub, clubhouse, access to trail systems, etc. In a senior living community there are usually additional amenities, specifically geared towards active adults. Examples of some of the amenities found in the Santa Clarita active adult communities include, arts and crafts, community gardens, outdoor kitchens, fitness centers, bocce courts, game rooms, card rooms, libraries, etc.

Planned Activities
Most senior communities offer various organized social activities for those wishing to join in the fun.

Amenities Pool in Galloway
Pool at Galloway
The Club in Verano
The Club in Verano

What About Unrestricted Communities

Common Area in Belcaro 55 Plus Community
Common Area in Belcaro
Friendly Valley Activities Field
Activity Field in Friendly Valley

Just because a specific community or neighborhood is not labeled as 55+ does NOT mean it wouldn't work out well for active adults. So, what makes a good neighborhood for the 55 + crowd?

Most designated 55+ neighborhoods include smaller, single story homes or townhomes. Or, if 2 story homes, usually the primary bathroom and bathroom is situated downstairs with a guest room upstairs. Seniors appreciate the bathrooms being outfitted with hand rails and such. Well, there are plenty of contractors available to make any home more senior friendly. Gated neighborhoods are nice, but not really a requirement. The community amenities and activities are important but if you live in a community without those activities, Santa Clarita has a terrific Senior Center.

The bottom line is, there are many terrific housing options for active adults here in Santa Clarita. Yes, 55 Plus communities often have benefits, but there are plenty more suitable neighborhoods as well.

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Gallery of Photos Shot in SCV 55+ Communities

What to Look for When Buying a Home as a Senior

Some of the features to look for include:

  • Communities with a good number of single story homes or 2 story models with the master bedroom and bathroom downstairs.
  • Neighborhoods with activity centers or game rooms
  • Nearby public transportation
  • Nearby convenience shopping and dining
  • Overall calm and friendly neighborhood atmosphere
  • Of course there's more, but you get the idea