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New Housing Construction in Valencia, CA Near Magic Mountain

Valencia CA Construction Progress continues

Here we provide general information about the huge housing development in Valencia, CA, just west of Magic Mountain. It's a 20 year project and includes many different home styles, retail and office space. There will be plenty of amenities, local conveniences, trails and more. As with all new construction communities, the project will be done in many phases, the first of which includes condos, townhomes and single family homes which are coming soon. The first group of neighborhoods are in Mission Village.

Quick Facts About This Development

Valencia, CA



Master Planned

Community Theme

The New Villages Planned Near Magic Mountain

Here are reports for the first three villages planned for the community. Mission Village is in progress, Landmark Village and Legacy Village are planned for future development.

Valencia CA Construction Progress continues

Mission Village Development in Valencia, CA

New housing construction continues in the Mission Village neighborhood and planned for 600 homes. The first batch of condos and townhomes should be ready for tours in late 2021.

Landmark Village

Landmark Village – A Future Development in Valencia, CA

Learn more about the future development planned for Landmark Village. This new development is located west of I-5, at the far west end of Magic Mountain Parkway. So far, there are not construction dates set.

Phasing plan for Legacy Village development

Legacy Village, a Future Development in Valencia, CA

Legacy Village is a future housing development located near Magic Mountain, just above Stevenson Ranch, CA. The plans call for a mix of single family homes, condos, apartments, retail and office space.

Here's the project displayed on the map. Notice Magic Mountain situated just east.

Brief Description
This new housing development is located on the map in Valencia, CA and situated west of Interstate 5, south of highway 126, at the west end of Magic Mountain Parkway.

The development has been in the planning stages for many years and finally, home construction is now in progress. This is a huge, master planned housing development expected to take place over many years. Eventually, there will be 5 new villages with approximately 21,000 residential homes and over 5 million sq ft of commercial and other mixed use facilities.

The villages will be completed in phases and opened over time. The first homes will be condos or townhomes within a portion of Mission Village. The first models are planned to open in late 2021. Moving forward, there will be a number of builders including Lennar, Toll Brothers, KB Home and more.

The developer on the project has stated they are committed to making the new villages some of the most environmentally sustainable neighborhoods in the nation.

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Mission Village Development Progress Video

General Information

The information provided here is based on our visits to some of the boundaries around the development and our own review of documents, articles & videos concerning the new housing development located west of interstate 5 and south of highway 126.

To be clear, the Gregory Real Estate Group is not affiliated with the developer or builders of this project in any way. We are a family of Santa Clarita Valley residents and local, independent REALTORS®/BROKERS. As with all our communities, we are very interested in learning everything possible about new developments and sharing our unbiased, first hand information with our friends, clients and website visitors.

Development Project Overview

The villages will be completed in phases and opened over time. The first home sites will be in a portion of a community called Mission Village and the first models are planned to open in late 2021.

In order to gain some perspective on the size of this development, consider first the master planned community of Valencia, CA has just over 24,000 households.

See below, more information about including the expected amenities, past updates covering the construction progress, and when available, links to the specific villages.

Mission Village New Construction as of July 2021
Progress Photo Shot in July of 2021

More New Developments

The first group of homes being sold are condos and/or townhomes. Although the homes are quite nice, some buyers are not so excited about the overall lack of space and possible parking problems. Keep in mind, there are other developments and it's also possible to buy a resale of a newer home in other developments with more space.

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Future Locations for the Villages

New Housing Villages Near Magic Mountain
Approximate Locations for the New Villages

The new villages will be located west of interstate 5, south of the 126 and north of Stevenson Ranch. Mission Village is the first in development and is located near Magic Mountain.

Some locals are understandably concerned about traffic impacts to the roads and Interstate 5. We can only hope the county & city planners have exercised due diligence to study the problem and mitigate the impacts.

Energy Efficient Homes and Community

Electric Car Charging and Solar Panels on Roof

If you're wondering what it will be like living in any of the new villages, you might be surprised. For one thing, you can plan on lower energy costs. All the homes will be built with energy efficiency in mind.

Although each home will have solar panels, energy efficiency goes far beyond that. It's a mix of using the right building materials and installation methods used to achieve an energy efficient environment.

Another interesting feature is that every home will come with a charging station for an electric vehicle. Of course, the electric car doesn't come with it, so you're on your own for that one! There will even be a number of public charging stations located within the common areas of the villages.

All the homes are planned to be environmentally friendly and being developed to achieve zero energy standards. This is interesting and one of the first of its kind.

We considering the various amenities new home buyers should know, it could be quite some time until all the amenities are built and ready for use. Also, when it comes to construction, it's not uncommon for plans to change.

Community Amenities

Man Made Lake in Valencia CA

Recreational Lake
Residents will enjoy the use of a gorgeous, 15 acre recreational lake.

Golf Course

Golf Course
If golf is your thing, you'll be thrilled about the new 18 hole golf course planned for development.

Park in Valencia CA

Trails & Parks
There will be up to 10 neighborhood parks and miles of developed trail systems.

Families Hiking on Trail

Hiking Trails
This is so cool! There will be miles of hiking trails winding through the preserved natural land.

Trails, Parks, Schools & Fire Station

Trail Systems
Similar to other Santa Clarita communities, the new residents here will also enjoy the developed trail systems that will connect up to community parks and schools. There will also be miles of gorgeous hiking trails winding through the preserved special management areas and open area. Keep in mind, it could be many years until all these trails are finally complete.

Our research on this is a bit vague however the developer has indicated there will be multiple elementary schools, one junior high school and one high school. Again, it's going to be a few years until these schools are complete.

Fire Stations
The first phase includes one fire station and the overall project calls for two stations, we assume at opposite ends of the community.

We don't have a full count however there are community libraries planned as well.

Community Services
The plans for the original project allow for the development of community services and amenities by the public and private businesses for services such as medical facilities, pre-schools, churches and commercial recreation. We will have to wait and see!

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Past Project Updates

We've been watching this project since it first began and plan to continue updates as time goes on.

We got a good look at the project and can now see even more progress. There are actually street lights on the main road and more homes are being built. The townhomes or condos we mentioned in our previous update now have exterior finishes and they are looking quite nice. It's obvious the first tours begin very soon!

Be sure to call or text us directly at 661-713-4799 and we'll make arrangements accompany on your first visit once the tours begin!

UPDATE March 17, 2021!
We're excited to share, the new construction is progressing and we can finally see more than just dirt lots and grading. As you can see in the photos, framing is in progress for one building, and moisture barrier is underway at the other. It won't be long until we start seeing some exterior finishes! Likely these buildings are the first set of condos or townhomes in Mission Village and some will be used as models.

It won't be much longer until we can take some tours but we won't see any single family homes/houses for quite some time. Want a new home but don't want to wait? Check out nearly all the new developments here in Santa Clarita Valley.

Before running off on tours of any new housing developments we highly advise being cautious and avoid signing in at the developers sales office. Why? Scroll down the page to see our note of caution.

Learn More About the Mission Village, the first of village under construction.

New Housing Near Magic Mountain Birdseye View in Jan 2020
Shot from Airplane in Jan 2020

PAST Project UPDATE Dec 17, 2020
The builder also released information about the first 10 home collections or subdivisions in Mission Village. View the information on our Mission Village community page.

Looking West at New Development Near Magic Mountain
Photo shot from Newhall Ranch Road, looking West

PAST UPDATE MAY 6, 2020 | 126/I-5 Housing Development
At this time there was little noticeable change with the project since our update in February, 2020. It looks as though the road toward the 126 has progressed and can be seen from the 126. It also appears the underground and/or infrastructure work continues, but no actual home construction has commenced.

Development Near Magic Mountain Progress 5 6 20
5/6/20 - Top shot from Newhall Ranch Rd, bottom left is from Westridge. Bottom right is from 126
Development Near Magic Mountain in May 2020
Photo Shot in May of 2020

We heard that Lennar is one of the first builders that will be involved in this project. As you may have heard previously, there are a number of different builders that will be involved in this master planned community.

The developer recently shared they sold the first 711 home sites and we understand there are 70 more sales expected by mid year.

Progress Photos - "Where It Began"

The photos below were taken near the beginning of the project from the guard entrance at the end on Magic Mountain Parkway.