Aerial Shot from Plum Canyon in Saugus CA
Aerial shot from Plum Canyon in Saugus. Notice the RARE snow capped mountains.

Neighborhoods in Saugus

The neighborhoods in Saugus are approximately located at the north end of the City of Santa Clarita. There are six main neighborhoods within Saugus but those are only the primary, legally defined neighborhoods. These are the areas Realtors use to find properties in the Multiple Listing Service. Then, the neighborhoods are further broken down into multiple subdivisions, per each area.

Skyline Ranch Community in Santa Clarita

Skyline Community in Santa Clarita

The Skyline community is a terrific new housing development located in Plum Canyon of Santa Clarita. Three of the neighborhoods were built by Pardee Homes and two others built out by TRI Pointe Homes. The amenities are some of the nicest in all of Santa Clarita!

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Five Knolls Community Sign

Five Knolls Community, Homes and Neighborhoods

The Five Knolls community is one of the most modern and contemporary new housing developments in Saugus or Santa Clarita. Residents enjoy terrific amenities, views, a lovely park and attractive new homes.

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Villa Metro Community Sign

Villa Metro Homes and Neighborhoods

Have a look at the Villa Metro listings of homes for sale and view first hand local information about the neighborhood amenities, schools and local conveniences.

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River Village Community Sign

Homes For Sale in River Village Community of Saugus

Development began in River Village around 2008. The homes are broken into multiple subdivisions, filled with a variety of condos, townhomes and houses. Learn more about the community, see real estate listings & more.

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Bouquet Canyon Road

Bouquet Canyon Homes, Neighborhoods and Real Estate

Development in Bouquet Canyon began in the early 1950’s with the first Bonelli tract and through the years the community has continued to thrive. With over 40 different subdivisions from which to choose, home buyers Here you’ll find a wonderful variety of homes.

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Copper Hill North

Copper Hill North Neighborhoods in Saugus – Homes for Sale

Discover the Copper Hill North community in Saugus of Santa Clarita. Development began in around 1987 and the homes are just terrific. There is a nice mix of houses, condos and townhomes so there really is something for everyone. Here we provide listings of homes for sale and first hand local information not found elsewhere.

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Circle J Ranch Community in Saugus of Santa Clarita

Circle J Ranch Neighborhoods, Homes and Real Estate

Discover the homes and neighborhoods of Circle J Ranch. Situated at the south end of Saugus in Santa Clarita, development of Circle J Ranch began in the early 1980’s. There are now 7 subdivisions, one of which houses the Oak Lane condos and townhomes.

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Plum Canyon Community Sign

Plum Canyon Neighborhoods in Saugus – Homes for Sale

The Plum Canyon Community consists of over 30 different neighborhoods and includes a nice mix of home types, from condos to townhomes to large single family homes. Also, don’t miss having a look at the brand new Skyline and Toll Bros developments!

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Neighborhoods in Saugus of Santa Clarita

See our full list of the neighborhoods or communities in Saugus of Santa Clarita. Simply tap or click on the link for each specific neighborhood to see a full report, filled with accurate and first hand information.

What the heck is a Tract?

A housing tract is just a subdivision within a subdivision. Nowadays Santa Clarita is no longer referring to subdivisions as tracts, however you can expect the terminology to remain engrained in the real estate community for years to come.

In most cases, you might hardly notice the difference if passing through one neighborhood to the other. If searching homes for sale in Saugus, CA, buyers might notice the differences going from one neighborhood to another, but not usually from block to block. One neighborhood could be of slightly different design and really, it’s often barely noticeable.

Each separate community is further divided into multiple subdivisions or neighborhoods. As an example, Plum Canyon alone consists of at least 30 subdivisions. Copperhill North has at least 27 sub divisions. Then, Bouquet Canyon has over 35 different neighborhoods.

When planning to buy a home, most of us tend to narrow our search to specific neighborhoods. This is exactly why we have created our neighborhood pages and yes, we include all the neighborhoods in Saugus right here. Not only will it help you narrow down your home choices, but, other than the MLS listings, all the descriptions, videos and photos are first hand, created by our team. We are confident this will be of help as you get closer to buying a home.

What’s so Special About Saugus

The Saugus community is a bit different than some others. Often times, buyers can find homes in Saugus with no homeowner’s association. This is nearly impossible in Valencia. There is also more opportunity to buy properties with some acreage, especially if looking back in Bouquet Canyon.

Central Park sits in the heart of Saugus and is a welcome attraction for local residents. Central Park is also where the Concert in the Parks series is hosted.

Though there plenty of fast food dining and convenience store shopping here in Saugus but if you want the big stores, you’ll need to head on over to Valencia, located just a next door.

Local Realtors for Neighborhoods in Saugus

We are Matt & Meray Gregory of the Gregory Real Estate Group. We know there’s much more to learn about Saugus and we’re happy to answer any question you might have. We have lived in Santa Clarita our entire lives and have plenty of first hand information to share.

Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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