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When It's Time to Sell

When it's time to sell your house you'll have questions and that's why we created a variety of home selling tips, each with answers to your most common questions about selling a house.

It's not uncommon for homeowners put off selling their homes, often years after they first began thinking about it. There are a number of reasons for this but usually it's due to having a lack of time prepare. Also, after a number of years we become emotionally attached, sometimes making it very difficult to move forward with selling.

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Home Selling Goals
Even if not ready to sell NOW, we still advise homeowners to meet with us for a discussion. We can offer suggestions to make the home selling preparation process easier. Some homeowners have found it helpful to have a timeline for selling, complete with some specific goals. Remember, in most circumstances there's no need to make any hasty decisions. However, if you really want to sell your home it's important to have a clear cut path to achieve your goal.

No Sales Pressure
Unlike most real estate agents, we offer a more genuine approach and never pressure anyone for any reason. Our goal is to provide gentle guidance and reliable advice so you have the information needed to make accurate and informed decisions.

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The Home Selling Process

If you're preparing to sell, we have many valuable home selling tips to help you along the way. We cover topics such as decluttering, FHA repairs, disclosure reports, questions to ask a realtor, marketing for real estate, and many more.

As your real estate agents, we proactively provide the representation and guidance you deserve, every step of the way. We want to be your REALTORS®, for LIFE!

Premier Zillow Agents

Zillow is a large, nationwide real estate website for any one interested in buying or selling real estate. Of course we are active on Zillow, however we don't usually recommend it to our clients. Why? Mostly because all the information they provide is from big city data they have scraped from other sources and nothing is first hand. Zillow in known for inaccuracies and does NOT have intimate knowledge of the communities we serve.

On the other hand, with the exception of the multiple listings, all content on our website is created first hand, by us! In fact, you might like our community pages. You'll see neighborhood photos, videos and full descriptions of each neighborhood.

Strategic Marketing

When selling any home, it's about strategically marketing the house to attract as many qualified home buyers possible. The more qualified home buyers interested in your property, the better chance you will have to receive multiple offers.

Enhanced Digital Marketing
In today's world of technology, how we attract these offers takes some special marketing abilities, and a marketing system that works! This is where we're different than 99% of all other real estate agents! Most agents simply list your home in the local MLS, hang a sign out front, and wait for the phone to ring. Even though this has nothing to do with real marketing it actually might work, if you're NOT interested in receiving the highest value for your home.

Strategic Marketing to Sell Home

Target Marketing By Matt & Meray

When listing your house with us we waste no time getting started with our TARGETED and enhanced marketing strategy! We're not afraid to spend money on advertising, but only to buyers actually interested in buying.

We begin our marketing campaign with the basics. We place a For Sale sign and list your house in the MLS. Fortunately, when compared to most agents, that's where the similarities end. Although we prefer not to share our marketing strategies, past clients can tell you, we go all out. We make your property visible in Google search, social media and most nationwide real estate websites.

Using our full court press type of marketing, we're able to quickly attract more qualified buyers directly to your door step, resulting in more offers and the highest price possible. After a week or two, if you're home's not sold, we kick it up a notch with re-targeted marketing, an advanced marketing system proven to work, time and time again.

Selling Doesn't Have to Be a Chore

We know selling your house can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, for most homeowners selling a home only occurs about three times in a lifetime. It can be somewhat stressful but with a good realtor proactively controlling the process, your stress levels can be greatly minimized or avoided entirely.

Most importantly, selecting an experienced realtor with a proven track record will provide you with the best chance to receive the highest price possible.

Home Sold sign In Front of Home

Misleading Home Evaluations

Our clients often ask, "What's My House Worth" and we always suggest obtaining a full home evaluation. We do NOT recommend using an automated online home evaluation service because they are rarely accurate and often lead to disappointment.

Beware of High Valuations
Sellers should be especially cautious if receiving a home value that sounds high. Unfortunately, there are those who mislead sellers, knowing they are providing a home value that is too high and sure to be lowered to the correct value later. Ultimately, listing a home too far above market value can be a costly mistake.

As experienced realtors we personally view the home and provide a personalized valuation report you can trust.

The Business of Selling a Home

When selling your house it's almost as if you are opening a new home sales business. This is why we advise sellers to make every effort to depersonalize this home selling process. Since it's a business, it should be treated as such. Just like any other business, success is dependent on making sensible business decisions, hard work and having a great strategy.

Thankfully, we already have this covered for you! We've sold many homes and have proven marketing systems in place and ready to mobilize on your behalf. Also, we take care of all the hard work for you! When selling, it doesn't get much easier than that!

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