Selling Your Home

We Sold Our Home with Matt & Meray

Selling Your Home

If considering selling your home you might be interested in our most recent limited time special offer. When you sell with Matt & Meray and we'll move you for FREE!

In the video below iRealty co-founder, Matt Gregory speaks about what it takes when selling your home in today's market. It's no longer about hanging a "for sale" sign out front and listing a home in the MLS! Certainly, if under pricing a home almost anything will work, but we both know that's not the way to get the best price!

Strategic Marketing for Selling Your Home

First, it's about strategically marketing your home in a manner which will attract only the most qualified home buyers possible. The more qualified home buyers interested in your property, the better chance you will have to receive multiple offers. This opens the door, enabling you the homeowner, to choose the the highest offer possible!

In today's world of technology, how we attract these offers takes some special marketing abilities, and a marketing system that works!

Scheduling a Meeting With Matt & Meray


We know selling your home can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, for most homeowners selling a home only occurs about three times in a lifetime. It can be somewhat stressful but with a good realtor your stress can be greatly minimized or avoided entirely.

That's why, when selling your home it's so very important to select a experienced realtor with a long track record of successful results. Also, in today's world your real estate agent needs to also be a marketing expert, both online and offline.

Find Out What Your Home is Worth

When selling your home Choose Matt & Meray Gregory

Before selling your home it's important to determine what your home is worth and the current market value. We NEVER recommend using an online home evaluation service because they are rarely accurate and often lead to disappointment.

Homeowner's should be especially cautious if receiving a home valuation that sounds a bit high. As much as we hate to say, there are some who would mislead consumers, knowing they are quoting a price that is too high and sure to be lowered to the correct value later.

As experienced realtors we personally investigate the home and provide a personalized valuation report you can trust. We know it's difficult, but when selling our homes we must make every effort to depersonalize this process. This is why we often equate selling your home to operating a business.

The Business of Selling Your Home

As we've shared in the past, when selling your home it's almost as if you are opening a new home sales business. Since it's a business, it should be treated as such. Just like any other business, it's success is dependent on making sensible business decisions, hard work and having a great strategy. Thankfully, we already have this covered for you! We've sold many homes in the past and we have proven marketing systems in place and ready to mobilize on your behalf. Also, we'll take care of all the hard work for you! When selling your home, it doesn't get much easier than that!

When selling your home with Matt & Meray, they'll move you for free! Contact Matt & Meray to learn more about this very special offer!


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