Home Selling Tips

Home Selling Tips

As long time real estate agents, we fully understand the home selling process and we're familiar with various roadblocks one might encounter as well as the most common questions. As a result, we have published an array of home selling tips containing answers to your questions as well as plenty of helpful tips. It is our hope the following information will help homeowner's as they prepare to sell their homes.

The home selling tips below include topics having to do with getting ready to sell your home and the actual process of home sales, especially helpful if the home being sold is in Santa Clarita or other nearby communities.

Here are Your 12 Home Selling Tips

Ask Questions Before Signing Contract

Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling

Today, we're sharing a handy list of questions to ask a realtor before selling. When we meet with new clients, we sometimes feel like we're overloading them with too much ...
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What’s My House Worth

The most common question we hear is "What's My House Worth?" So.. we offer two simple ways to find out how much your house is worth. First, you can try ...
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Clean and Clutter Free Home

Declutter, Repair and Refresh Before Selling

If you're planning to sell your home anytime soon the best first step you can take is to declutter and refresh your home. Certainly, this is much easier said than ...
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home repairs before selling

12 Common FHA Repairs for Home Sellers

Here's a helpful list of 12 common FHA repairs, especially for Santa Clarita home sellers. Take a look below to help determine common FHA repairs you might need to make ...
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Seller's Disclosure

Full Property Disclosure Benefits Home Sellers

Most people think property disclosures are intended to protect buyers, but making a full property disclosure benefits home sellers as well. When selling a house, providing an accurate disclosure statement ...
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Online Real Estate Marketing Plan

Real Estate Marketing Plan

To receive the highest possible price when selling your house, you'll need a solid real estate marketing plan primarily consisting of posting and advertising on the internet. It doesn't matter ...
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High Quality Real Estate Pics Attract More Buyers

High Quality Home Pics Attract More Buyers

As realtors, it's our responsibility to provide our home sellers with high quality home pics! To sell homes at the highest possible price our home sellers deserve our best marketing ...
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1031 Exchange Graph

Sell Your Rental Now & Pay Taxes Later with a 1031 Exchange

In this post we'll explain the very basics of how you might sell your rental property now and pay taxes later with a 1031 exchange. This does NOT mean you ...
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Old Family Type House

Tips on How to Sell the Old Family Home

As local Santa Clarita Realtors® and residents, we know it's sometimes difficult for longtime homeowners to let go and work out how to sell the old family home. Rather than ...
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Get the Facts About Low Commission Real Estate Agents

Low Commission Real Estate Agents – Deal or No Deal?

If you're thinking of using one of the low commission real estate agents to sell your home, be cautious and ask tough questions before signing the contract. While there are ...
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Old Home

How to Prevent Post Home Sale Depression

Today we're going to share about how to prevent post home sales depression in Santa Clarita. We're not talking about a depressed market or being depressed because the seller didn't ...
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Sell Home During the Holidays

Benefits of Selling Your Home During the Holidays

If you're unsure about selling your home during the holidays, be assured there's nothing to fear, and there are some benefits. A few years back as the holidays approached, my ...
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Don't Wait Until Spring to Prepare Your House for Selling

Selling and Moving is a Life Changing Event

Yes, selling your house can be overwhelming, but if you follow our home selling tips and work with an experienced local realtor, things will go much smoother. An experienced real estate agent can proactively anticipate potential roadblocks ahead to help insure all goes well. We have developed simple steps and done right, the selling process can be seamless.

We're happy to offer our home selling tips we suggest not waiting until Spring to get ready. Start early by making your list and gathering your supplies, so you're ready to get started in time for the selling season. Homeowners who wait until spring to start “preparing” are already behind at the start. In fact, here in Santa Clarita, the busy real estate season begins ramping up by April. Homes that sell quickly and for the highest price are those where the homeowner already knew exactly how to get their house ready to sell and finished their preparations in advance.

We hope our home selling tips will be helpful as you move forward with your plans. Selling a house is a major life changing event and making the decision to sell should not be taken lightly. Then, once making the decision to move forward there's much to do. Getting the home ready to sell and keeping it presentable for visitors is no easy task. All the while, you're out searching for a new home. Add in trying to time the process of moving out of your current home with moving in to your new home and it can easily complicate the process.

We have done our best to include all the necessary tips to show homeowner's exactly how to get their house ready to sell, but we're always available to answer your questions or provide representation for selling your home.

Please know, when contacting us there's NEVER any sales pressure whatsoever and we're happy to be of service. Contact your local realtors Matt & Meray Gregory at 661-713-4799.

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