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How to Prevent Post Home Sale Depression

Today we’re going to share about how to avoid or minimize post home sales depression. We’re not talking about a depressed market or being depressed because the seller didn’t get enough money, or the transaction didn’t go so well. We’re talking about the minor depression or enhanced emotions some folks feel after selling and moving from their homes.

Important Note: We are real estate brokers and realtors, not doctors! Depression can be a serious condition. If you or someone you know might be suffering from depression, we strongly encourage seeking professional help for evaluation and treatment. If you are new to the area and need a referral, we found this Psychiatrist referral resource.

The emotions associated with selling a home can be quite real, and we’ve seen firsthand how some of our own Santa Clarita clients can become a bit depressed after selling their home and moving on. Post home sale depression is real and sometimes takes weeks or even months before the emotions subside.

This sadness or depression doesn’t necessarily occur immediately, but it seems to be more of a delayed reaction. At first, homeowners are much too busy and excited to even think about their emotions, but once they move out of the old home and finally settled into their new home, feelings of regret or sadness can set in. This appears to be more common for the empty nesters, but we’ve seen it happen with the younger crowd as well!

Move from Home

Selling and moving from the old family home can be difficult and emotions are to be expected. Being truly depressed is not the same! If you feel like you are heading down that path it’s a good idea to take the necessary action to prevent post home depression.

Real Life Experience
We had one young couple planning on moving up into a larger home. They appeared very excited and even looking forward to the home search process. Then after signing the listing agreement, decided they wanted to delay selling their home. The reason for the delay was, they were not sure if they were ready with leave their very first home. This was the first home they had bought and lived in as a new married couple.

They eventually did sell and move on, and we were fortunate to represent them in both transactions.

Regardless, the emotions associated with home sales are very real, and while we’re certainly NOT qualified to treat anyone for depression, we do have some suggestions that might help prevent post home sales depression.

House Party

Suggestions to Help Prevent Post Home Sale Depression

  • After moving to the new location, host a housewarming party and have some FUN! We suggest doing this sooner rather than later. You don’t need to wait until the new home is 100% ready for visitors. Remember, we want to minimize post sale depression.
  • Go meet your new neighbors! Don’t be afraid to knock on a few doors, introduce yourself, and shake some hands. Nothing helps prevent post home sale depression like making new friends!
  • Start a new photo album or scrap book! Start making new memories in your new location.
  • Consider getting involved with the local homeowner’s association. involved with the local homeowner’s association. They are always looking for for help from volunteers within the neighborhood.
  • Volunteer and help out with the local youth center, church or senior center. Nothing feels better than giving back to others in the community!
  • Start cooking! How about buying a new BBQ and trying out some new grilling recipes?

There are plenty of other activities to do especially if you live here in Santa Clarita. Whatever path you choose to occupy your free time will help prevent post home sales depression. It’s really about taking action!

Swan Floating on Calm Lake

Post Home Sale Depression Can Be Serious

Depression can be a serious condition and if suffering from depression, we encourage seeking professional help for evaluation and treatment. If you are new to the area and need a referral, we found this Psychiatrist referral resource.

If you need help with real estate we can help. Please contact us and to schedule a meeting. We’ll also be happy to share our list of Santa Clarita business references. [email protected] We hope you found helpful our share about How to Prevent Post Home Sale Depression in Santa Clarita.

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