What’s My House Worth

The most common question we hear is "What's My House Worth?" So.. we offer two simple ways to find the value of your home.

First, you can try our instant home valuation tool. Just fill in your address and your home value will appear immediately. Please remember, the instant online home valuation is not considered to be reliable. Requesting a personalized valuation is highly encouraged.

When it's time to sell your house and you want the most accurate home value possible. Nothing is better than a personalized home evaluation with us. Call us at 661-713-4799 or simply complete the form.

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Property Value

What's My House Worth? Whatever a Buyer is Willing to Pay

The true worth of your house is whatever a buyer is willing to pay. There is no manufactures suggested retail price as we find in a retail establishment. Have a look at the following methods to help determine the value of your home?

  • Use an Online Instant DIY Home Value Calculator: This is the most inaccurate method to determine what your house is worth. You can find these online home value calculators anywhere, including on this page.
  • Obtain an In-home House Valuation By Your Realtor: This is much more accurate because we can base our opinion on recent sales of comparable homes AND the visual look and feel of your house. We're able provide you with much more accurate comparisons and offer an accurate opinion of what your house is worth.
  • Property Appraisal: This is an appraisal done by a professional property appraiser and usually hired by your buyer's lender to verify the value of your home.

It's About More than Just Dollars

If thinking about selling it's important to base your decision on more than just a quick estimate. To accurately what your home is worth you'll need to consider more information:

  • What is the status of the current real estate market?
  • How long is it taking for similar homes to sell and close escrow?
  • What are the lending rate projections? If rates are too high, I may not want to know the answer to... what's my house worth!
  • How many homes are currently on the market in your community and neighborhood?
  • Is it a buyers or sellers market?
  • What is the status of your home's repair and is it worth making repairs?
  • Since you purchased the house have you had any major home improvements or upgrades?

All things considered, it's easy to see why online home values are not very reliable.

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Example of Inaccurate Home Value

Let's imagine you received an online valuation stating the worth of your house is $575,000. Based on that amount, you made a decision to sell your home and listed it for $575K. What happens later, after you discover the highest and best offer you received was only $540,000? Are you prepared to receive $35,000 LESS than you thought?

This example is NOT far fetched and we've seen it happen. There are some who are so sure of their property value, only to find out later they were wrong. This is why we insist our home selling clients let us find out what their house is worth, before making a decision listing their home for sale.

CAUTION: Avoid choosing a realtor based solely on value he or she says your house is worth. Yes, we're sorry to report, there are some agents out there who will tell you your home is valued higher than it is, just to get your business. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Money for a key top the house

Try Not to Over Value the Worth of Your House

As long time realtors we can tell you, some homeowners OVER VALUE their houses. Even for realtors, we all like to think our houses are worth MORE than they really are. Again, we need to be conservative with our valuation. If you already have a realtor, ask them for a full, in-home evaluation.

When considering how much you can sell your house for, use caution and don’t let your emotions get in the way of making a sound business decision.

So when thinking, "What's My House Worth," you can refer back to these home selling tips and consider everything before making a full determination. Just remember, an incorrect home valuation can come back to haunt you and maybe even kill your deal!

We strongly urge you to prepare yourself to face the simple reality of your home's true value and treat your home sale like a business. We know it’s a balancing act but we can help make the process easier.