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Castaic Ranch Homes:

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See ranch properties currently for sale in Hasley Canyon of Castaic CA. Situated west of interstate 5 and about 40 miles north of Los Angeles, buying ranch property in Hasley Canyon of Castaic and a great option if working in downtown Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley. Hasley Canyon is a popular location for those who prefer country living, keeping horses, dog kennels and more. Most properties are situated on 2 acre lots or larger, but depending on location and utilities, the land isn't cheap. Also, be sure to verify the zoning before making an offer to buy.

30758 Sloan Canyon Road Castaic, CA 91384

Price $1,595,000
Beds 4
Baths 4
Living Area SqFt 4,099
Status Active
MLS # SR20207487
Property Type Single Family Residence

30585 Hasley Canyon Road Castaic, CA 91384

Price $1,399,990
Beds 4
Baths 3
Living Area SqFt 3,641
Status Active
MLS # SR20207881
Property Type Single Family Residence

30771 Sloan Canyon Road Castaic, CA 91384

Price $1,469,500
Beds 4
Baths 5
Living Area SqFt 4,377
Status Active
MLS # SR20123560
Property Type Single Family Residence

30619 Romero Canyon Road Castaic, CA 91384

Price $1,495,000
Beds 9
Baths 6
Living Area SqFt 4,660
Status Active
MLS # SR20084367
Property Type Single Family Residence

Ranch Property Price Discrepancies?

Looking at the Castaic ranch properties as displayed above, you may have noticed unusual variation in prices, making it difficult to make a comparison. You might find a gorgeous home on a smaller lot or an average home on a larger lot, but both listed at similar prices. Yes, as with all real estate, location plays a huge part, but it may be the usable land is the difference maker. When buying any ranch property there's much to consider so be sure to ask lots of questions. The listing descriptions help, but by no means tell the whole story.

If you're not finding anything or need help, contact us. We're happy to offer up any advice we might have,

Ranch Property Grounds

Considerations Before Buying a Ranch

When considering the purchase of any ranch property, or any home situated on land, there's much to consider. As compared to buying a typical tract home, a ranch property buyer must be especially concerned with utilities, easements, mineral rights, fences, gates, roads and more.

It's not uncommon for some country homes to be using a septic tank as opposed to the city sewer system. Then, what about gas? Does the ranch property you plan to buy have a connection to natural gas, or are they running propane?

Missing Utility Connections

Generally, the more isolated the property is, the less chance of having the basic utilities connections, including electricity.

We've visited ranches with no utility connections. For their sewer they use a septic tank, a well for their water, propane for the gas and a generator for the electricity. All of these come with an added expense because the property owner must obtain and pay for these services. Then, consider roads, fences, gates and so much more.

Utilities in Hasley Canyon of Castaic CA

Most ranch properties in Hasley Canyon tend to include the basic utilities, but this is not always true. A quick look at listings of ranch properties on the market reveal, all have the basic utilities connections except they all have their own septic tanks. That's great however, the market prices will reflect it.

Schools and Local Conveniences

In most instances, when living in an isolated ranch home you won't find nearby schools or local conveniences. Here in Hasley Canyon, you are not that far away, but it is something to consider, especially if you're used to living in a neighborhood.

On the other side of the coin, you'll find plenty of peace and quiet, but if you're not use to it, it might take some time to get comfortable.

Why Properties Take Longer to Sell?

A common question we hear from ranch buyers is why some properties are on the market so long. If you are a buyer or seller, yes, it can take much longer to sell a ranch home than a home in a typical neighborhood. Often, the only reason is because there are a lot less people interested in buying a ranch property. In other cases, there could be issues with zoning, easements or construction permits that are making buyers shy away, mostly due to uncertainty.

If selling a ranch home, be prepared for it to take some time. You have a much smaller pool of potential buyers. Think ahead to any questions a buyer might have and make sure you help them feel more comfortable by providing answers in advance.

If you're the buyer, It's especially important to do your homework before making an offer. It can be difficult to compare prices and to some extent, the value of a given property is really in the eyes of the beholder.

Finding Ranch Property

Buying ranch homes can be tricky, but finding the right one will take some work. The best way to lighten the load is to download our FREE home search app. It will save you a ton of time and works nicely on your mobile and tablet devices. Easy to use and unlike apps offered by the large nationwide real estate websites, no agents will call on you.

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