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Couple Viewing Supplemental Tax-Bill

Supplemental Tax Bill Surprises Home Buyers in LA County

In this post we answer the question, “what is a supplemental tax bill?” If you purchased a home in LA County you should expect to receive Supplemental Tax Bill, in addition to your property tax. Basically, new homeowners must pay the County for the difference between what the taxes were for the seller, and what…

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Save on Property Taxes

How Santa Clarita Homeowners Can Save On Property Taxes

Here is some helpful information for homeowners about how to save on property taxes in Santa Clarita. If you currently own a home in Santa Clarita or, anywhere in California, it’s possible you’re paying more in property taxes than you should be. Take a read below to learn more. Find Out What Your House is…

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Calendar on Desktop

Handy Property Tax Calendar for Santa Clarita Homeowners

Here is a handy property tax calendar for Santa Clarita homeowners. It contains all the most important dates to remember with regard to property tax due dates. Keep in mind, forgetting to pay your taxes when due will cost you even more money in late fees and penalties. Please click or tap the adjacent image…

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Mello Roos Taxes Explained by Derrick Le Blanc and Matt Gregory

Mello Roos Tax Questions Answered

What is a Mello Roos tax and how much is it going to cost homeowners when buying a home? Our local title expert Derrick Leblanc states, “the Mello Roos is an extra bond assessment for properties in specific communities and primarily put in place to help the local schools.” FREE MELLO ROOS AMOUNTS PROVIDED: Scroll…

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