How Santa Clarita Homeowners Can Save On Property Taxes

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Here is some helpful information for homeowners about how to save on property taxes in Santa Clarita. If you currently own a home in Santa Clarita or, anywhere in California, it’s possible you’re paying more in property taxes than you should be. Take a read below to learn more.

Find Out What Your House is Worth

How to Save on Property Taxes in Santa Clarita

Did you know, if your home’s assessed value is higher than what it’s actually worth, you may be eligible for a reduction in your property taxes? If you bought a home when the real estate market values were high, if the market is goes south, there’s a good chance you could now have your property taxes reduced.

There are also tax exemptions for seniors, exemptions for new property owners, Vets and disability properties and a few others. Over time, these exemptions and credits are a bit of a moving target which is why we’re avoiding being too specific. Just know, there are opportunities for some to save on property taxes. It’s best to head on over to the LA Country Tax Assessor’s website and start digging in.

List of Possible Exemptions

  • Homeowner’s Exemption: If meeting certain requirements homeowner’s could be eligible for an exemption for up to $7,000.
  • Seniors: Adults over the age of 65 could be eligible for a property tax credit.
  • Disability: Disabled residents can transfer the tax value of their current property over to a replacement property of similar value.
  • Veterans: It’s possible, if meeting certain criteria and have few assets, a vet could claim up to $4,000 off the property value. Even more under certain conditions.

We hope our some of the above information might prove useful for our visitors. We also have a popular tax calendar showing the critical due dates for your property taxes. Visit the link to view or download.

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If you are considering investing in rental properties it’s critical to find out the facts about how a 1031 exchange works. This can be a huge benefit, making it possible to sell a home now and pay taxes later.

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