Find Public Schools Located in Valencia CA

Find public schools located in Valencia CA! When searching for Valencia homes you might be primarily interested in finding a home in a specific school district. This is not always a simple task because the school boundaries can be a bit of a moving target.

See below the local information to help you find schools located in Valencia and more information or links for each community in Santa Clarita. To get started, have a look at the boundary map below or take a look at the areas and neighborhoods of Santa Clarita Valley which will provide you with links to local pages for each area.

Lists of Schools Located in Valencia CA

The list below only includes schools located in Valencia CA. We also have a list which includes schools in all of Santa Clarita Valley so please feel free to have a look.

School Attendance Boundary Map

This is the same school attendance map provided by the district.

Find Public Schools Located in Valencia CA

Tap or Click Above to See the Exact Map Provided by the School District

If the location of the home you intend to buy is near a border and it's important you want your child to attend a specific school, we highly recommend double checking directly with the district for confirmation. Do this before making an offer to buy!

All the public high schools and junior high schools in Santa Clarita are a part of the William S Hart School District. Students attend schools based on the predetermined attendance boundaries. It all depends on the number of children within those boundaries for each school. Because this number is always changing, the district must sometimes make boundary changes to accommodate the population of students in a given area.

Hart School District Student Population Projections

Find Public Schools Located in Valencia and SCV in the Future

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The district makes every effort to stay ahead of the game by making projections on student populations. They also provide information to the public and you can pick up your own copy of the report at the Hart District website.

Learn More About the Santa Clarita Schools & Community

To learn everything there is to know about all Santa Clarita Schools just visit our Community page and select whichever community you are interested in. Each community displays homes for sale and extensive local lifestyles and demographics. It really is amazing!

If you have any questions or need more help to find public schools located in Valencia, please contact us anytime!

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