American Beauty Garden 3 Condos

If you're planning to buy a Canyon Country condominium and searching for the American Beauty Garden 3 condos, you should know these are also called the Canyon Country Condominiums. Yes, we know this only adds to the ongoing confusion with regard to the 11 different American Beauty tracts in Canyon Country, but what can be done about it?

The official subdivision term in the local MLS is Amer. Beauty Garden III (AMG3). They are included in the Canyon Country 2 MLS Area, also known as CAN2.

If there are any listings in the Amer. Beauty Garden III condo complex they will be displayed once you click on the links below. If you don't find anything you might like viewing all condos for sale in Santa Clarita.

American Beauty Condos - Confusing Everyone!

Before going any further, we must warn you about all the confusion regarding the American Beauty term, especially as related to condos or condominiums. If you are searching to buy a home we're sure this has been a big aggravation.

In Santa Clarita condo home searchers can become confused and frustrated because there are 11 different subdivisions which include the term "American Beauty." Certainly this was not a good decision on the part of planning, but now we're stuck with it. For clarification, be sure to view the Google map on this page.

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American Beauty Garden 3 Complex Amenities

The American Beauty Garden 3 Condo comes with some terrific amenities including a large pool, spa, tennis courts and a half basketball court and a playground. Also, there's a small neighborhood park located just next door.

The monthly HOA costs are relatively reasonable and some of the prices we noticed seem to run in the $300 to $400 range, but be sure to VERIFY before making an offer to buy.

Real Estate Condo Market and Financing Information

The problem with the smaller condominium complexes is, there not many condos for sale on the market at any one time. Also, if these condos are FHA approved, they do tend to sell faster.

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We hope this information was helpful and you found a suitable home from viewing the listings of American Beauty Garden 3 condos. Again, there may not be anything currently on the market. As an alternative, see all condos for sale in Santa Clarita.