Santa Clarita Condos For Sale

See below links to our condo & townhome community guides and extensive information about what to expect when finding and buying a condominium. We also provide active listings of townhomes and condos for sale in Santa Clarita.

Condos and Townhomes For Sale in Santa Clarita

The ACTIVE listings of condos and townhomes displayed below include Valencia, Newhall, Canyon Country, Saugus, Castaic and Stevenson Ranch. Here in SCV there are still affordable condos or townhomes on the market and some are priced under $400K. Even better, a good number are pre-approved for FHA financing.

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Finding More Condos in Santa Clarita

Because some condo and townhome neighborhoods are tucked away, sometimes there is no easy way of finding them. Here’s a couple of tips. When viewing any real estate listing, somewhere in the details there should be the name of the neighborhood. There should also be a map showing the exact location of the home. Cross reference the community name with the mapped location of the listing. Where there’s one condo, there are will be more. You can also just ask us!

Get a Feel for the Neighborhood
The best way to get a feel for any neighborhood is by driving or walking through. However, some complexes are gated so it might not be possible. If you have selected us as your realtors, of course we’ll make all the arrangements and meet you for a tour. Sometimes we even take our drone up and shoot a quick video.

Before purchasing a unit it can be tricky to really know of the day to day life. Buyers never quite know what they’re getting into until moved in. If possible, try chatting with residents to get the lowdown on each area. Find out what the parking is like. Ask about the mailboxes, trash can locations, recreation areas, etc.

Aerial Shot of Roundabout in Valencia Creekside
Creekside Community
Tres Robles Condo Community
Tres Robles Community

Village Walk Townhome Community in Valencia CA
Brookside Walk Sign in Creekside Community

Well Known Local Condo Locations in SCV

There are a large number of condo locations here in SCV and those listed represent only a small sampling. Contact us directly to schedule a consultation! Once we determine your specific needs we will provide the locations best fitting your criteria AND budget.

We especially like the townhomes in the Village Walk community. Another popular community is at the Villas at Town Center, aka, The Madisons. Those who prefer classics will appreciate the Siena Villas, Santa Fe, Las Ventanas and plenty more. In Plum Canyon buyers will find the popular Mariposa complex. There are far too many to list!

Some might prefer homes in brand new developments. We like the Kensington, Hartford and new Concord units over in River Village. There are also variety of attached and detached homes in the new Mission Village community.

Links to Santa Clarita Neighborhoods
See our community page for links to popular areas and neighborhoods of Santa Clarita. Each report contains first hand information and photos for each community.

Typical Condo Community Amenities

Most condominium buyers expect to live in a well maintained community filled with amenities such as playgrounds, swimming pools, hot tubs, etc. Unfortunately, this is not true with all condo communities. In fact, there are a few with none of the above. Usually, there will be a pool, hot tub and perhaps a playground for the children. If it’s a larger complex there may be multiple pool locations.

In the more upscale complexes residents might enjoy more amenities such as gyms, movie rooms, juice bars and the like. You can bet, if a complex has more amenities, the monthly cost will be higher.

When viewing condo listings, DO NOT trust what you read in the listing descriptions. It’s not because the listing is being misrepresented. Sometimes the listing agents just get it wrong. That’s why we ALWAYS verify the amenities & HOA amounts BEFORE making an offer to buy.

Typically, the common areas throughout a condo neighborhood include the building exteriors, recreation areas, gates, walkways, landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation and more. Basically, anything except the interior of each condo. After all, one of the primary benefits of living in a complex is the convenience of not having to perform exterior maintenance. Of course, each homeowner must pay their fair share, but often the HOA cost is not bad, all things considered.

Aerial Shot of Rec Area at Valle Di Oro
Valle Di Oro Recreation Area
Aerial Shot of American Beauty Amenities
American Beauty – One of Multiple Rec Areas

Well Maintained Grounds in Vista Del Canon
Vista Del Canon Common Area
Valencia Lakeshore Lakeside
Lakeshore Community Common Area

HOA Benefits and Higher Costs

At first glance, the monthly HOA dues for condos or townhomes can seem costly, but in most instances it’s usually worth it. Although there are exceptions, the HOA often takes care of any maintenance outside the home and the residents pay for any repairs or maintenance inside the home. Even though you might pay higher monthly HOA costs, you get more in return.

There are always exceptions and gray areas. For instance, sometimes the owner is responsible for the air conditioning unit. Exterior painting, roofing, landscaping, irrigation and security is usually taken care of by the homeowner’s association. Sometimes the HOA includes utilities, internet, TV cable, garbage collection and such.

The HOA’s for condominium or townhome communities are not all the same, so it’s important to ALWAYS VERIFY the amounts and what is included BEFORE making an offer to buy! Don’t forget, if you have a pet, always double check!

Financing for Condos

Many first time home buyers purchase a condo using FHA financing! This is a great way to keep your down payment low, to about 3-1/2%. Be sure to verify the entire condo complex is FHA approved BEFORE making an offer to buy. It can be a very frustrating experience to find out the condo of interest is NOT approved for FHA financing. Condo buyers can avoid this roadblock by working with us. We keep a complete list of all FHA approved condos. If we know you intend to utilize FHA financing, we’ll show you exactly where to look.

By the way, condo facilities need to be approved for VA loans too. Also, if there are ongoing litigation’s with the HOA, that could also affect any type of financing.

There are a number of unique challenges associated with financing any condo and having a proactive real estate agent/lender team can be a tremendous advantage. If you are serious about buying a condo, we can help. Remember, with us there is NEVER any sales pressure, whatsoever!

Ariel Shot of Riverview Condo
American Beauty Village Neighborhood

Santa Clarita Valley Video

Condo Complex Living and What to Consider When Buying

If you have ever lived in an apartment, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to look for when planning to buy an attached condo or townhome. However, if you’ve never lived in anything other than a house, there’s much to consider. See below a few suggestions about what to look for when searching for a condo.

  • Multi Dwelling Structures – Unlike a single family home, when living in a complex you’ll have neighbors living next door, separated by a common wall. Depending on where your condo is situated, you could have neighbors above, below and on each side. Residents often prefer living in an end unit for a bit more privacy.
  • Condos or Townhomes? – Sometimes you will find condos that are more like townhomes or even houses. This can be confusing and it all depends on what the title says. Often, a townhome is a duplex. Usually, a condo building uses common walls to divide up space between multiple residents. There are also detached homes and these can be considered either condos or townhomes.
  • Size of Units – Nowadays, some condos can be quite large, but generally you can expect to find mostly 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom units commonly sized around 1000 sq ft. Look closely at the floor plans. Some architects do a better job than others at making best use of space in smaller units. You’ll need to adapt you possessions to fit the available space. Generally, when buying furniture, think smaller.
  • Storage Space – In some cases, there is no garage, so be sure to verify if a separate, storage cabinet or locker is provided.
  • Parking – Parking can be a problem in condo communities. Usually, each resident has at least one covered or enclosed parking space and perhaps one other space. What about parking for visitors? If visitor parking is important to you, make parking a primary consideration when searching. Guest parking is often scarce, especially evenings and weekends.
  • Security – Some complexes are gated and others are not. Add this to your check list.
  • Site Maintenance – Look closely at the community and amenities. Everything should be well maintained.

Living in Peace and Harmony
Based on our observations, most condo communities here are generally very well maintained. We often notice lots of friendly smiles and residents appear to be enjoying their homes. The crime rate here in SCV is quite low and we have plenty of convenient medical services. We also have good number of award winning schools.

What if you have a disruptive neighbor?
Unlike an apartment building filled with renters, a condo owner cannot be as easily evicted. Yes, legal action and liens can be taken, but condo owners and their neighbors must depend on each other to live in peace and harmony. You can only hope for the best, but before buying a condo or townhome, why not ask seller directly if there are any nasty neighbors!

Find Mapped Condo Complex Locations

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