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American Beauty Condos in Canyon Country 2

See below, real estate listings of American Beauty Condos in Canyon Country 2. We have preset this search query on this page to exclude single family homes so if you're looking for houses, have a look at all homes for sale in the Canyon Country community. It's filled with real estate listings of all home types and includes first hand local information about schools, local shopping, dining and more.

See ALL listings of homes for sale in Canyon Country

The above listings come from a live feed via the local MLS. Since this is such a small community there may be few, if any, listings at any given time.

When viewing the homes be sure to check their listing status to verify they are ACTIVE listings. Usually, we only display active listings on this site, but since there are few listings we also included those listings accepting backup offers or that are pending. We did NOT include "solds!"

American Beauty Condos - Confusing House Hunters

Before going any further, we must warn you about all the confusion regarding the American Beauty term, especially as it related to condos or condominiums. If you are searching to buy a home we're sure this has been a big aggravation.

In Canyon Country alone, there are 11 different housing tracts that include the term "American Beauty." This is absolutely ludicrous, and on behalf of the real estate community, we apologize! Obviously, something like this should be avoided during planning and zoning, but I guess there's nothing to be done now, therefore, it is what it is!

So, for the record, these American Beauty condos displayed on this page are those located up Sierra Highway as indicated on the map.

See FHA Approved Condos & Check Approval Status

We show you where to find more FHA approved condos here in Santa Clarita. We also provide the current FHA approval status for each condominium complex.

Description of the American Beauty Condos

The American Beauty condos are very affordable and range in size from 844 sq ft about 964 sq ft. These are smaller two and three bedroom condos built around 1984, and it's a darn nice little community. There's a nice outdoor playground and grass area for the kids and of course a community swimming pool and spa.  As a plus, this complex is currently approved for FHA financing until June of 2017 and we fully expect it to easily renew when the time comes.

We'll keep this very brief and get you right to your listings. Please remember, the only listings included below are American Beauty Condos in the Canyon Country 2 area.  No other areas or home types are included and all are active listings. As a benefit to our visitors, we do not show any sold homes, or homes seeking backup offers or those in escrow. We do our level best to help you save time, as opposed to wasting it by viewing "sold homes."

Should you have any questions please contact your local Canyon Country Realtors, Matt & Meray Gregory.

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