Maps to Condo Complexes in Saugus

See below condo complexes in Saugus, each with a map to help visitors quickly and easily find these sometimes hard to find locations. Where possible, we include links to real estate listings or community reports for each complex. The maps below cover many, but not all complex locations throughout Saugus. At the very least, it’s enough to find the most well known AND a few HIDDEN locations in the vicinity.

The best way to find a unit is by having a look at all Santa Clarita Condos For Sale. Once you find a specific condo of interest, contact us to schedule a consultation. We are active realtors AND our family has lived in Santa Clarita since 1976. When working with us, we provide all the first hand information needed along with expert representation to help you find and buy a home.

Maps to Bouquet Village and Brock Cyn Villas

Brock Canyon Villas and Bouquet Village
Built in the 1970’s, Bouquet Village consists of affordable, 2 bedroom, 1 bath condos sized from 758 to 834 SF.

Brock Cyn Villas include condos built in 1989 and sized from approximately 1,100 to 1,350 SF.

Bouquet Village Map or Brock Canyon Villas Map

Map to New Horizons and Sonrisa

New Horizons & Sonrisa
Both complexes are very nice and located nearby each other, on both sides of Bouquet Canyon Road and just north of Haskell Canyon Road!

Sonrisa has 3 and 4 bedroom homes built in the mid 2000’s with units sized from 1,777 to 2,039 SF.

The condos in the New Horizons complex were built in the mid 1980’s. The units come with 1 or 2 bedrooms and are sized from 700 to 965 sq ft.

Map to The Terrace Condo Complex

The Terrace
Built in the 1970’s, The Terrace is a peaceful, smaller condo or tonwhome community. Affordable 2 and 3 bedroom units sized from approximately 835 to 1,325 SF.

Map to Oak Lane Condos

Oak Lane
Located at the base of the Circle J Ranch community, includes a nice mix of mostly 3 bedroom townhomes built in early 2000’s. Yes, there are a few 4 bedroom units as well.The homes are sized from 1,373 to 1,800 SF.

Map to Mountain View Courtyards and Villas

Mountain View Courtyards & Mountain View Villas
Both complexes are located in the Copper Hill North community. The Mountain View Courtyards were built in the late 1980’s consisting of 2 and 3 bed units sized from 850 to 1,300 SF. Lot’s of greenbelt.

The Villas at Mountain View are approximately sized from 1,040 to 1,344 SF. It’s a gated community built around 1990.

Map to Bordeaux Condos

Built in 2001, Bordeaux is a quiet and popular gated condo community located on the south west corner of Golden Valley Road and Plum Canyon Road in Plum Canyon. These affordable condos consist of 1 and 2 bedroom units sized from 733 to 1,370 SF. See Map

Map of Mariposa in Plum Canyon

The Mariposa condo community is one of the most popular complexes in all of Santa Clarita. Built in mid 2000’s, the units come with 2 or 3 bedrooms each. Located south of Plum Canyon Road. Enter from La Madrid Dr.

Maps to Condos andTownhomes in River Village

River Village Complexes
If looking for a sharp new condo or townhome there are multiple options in the River Village community. We have the Kensington, Hartford and Concord complexes. All are new complexes and a bit costly, but very nice indeed. Learn more about condos and townhomes in River Village.

Map to Sierra and Victoria

Sierra & Victoria at Plum
Two communities built by Toll Brothers in 2021. Even though these properties look just like houses, they are considered to be detached condos. Building detached condos is popular among developers as it enables them to fit more homes into a smaller area. Yes, the homes are new and very nice, but not enough elbow room for many. Learn more about the Sierra and Victoria neighborhoods here.

Map to Villa Metro Complex

Villa Metro
Larger detached condos built for convenience in 2006. Most of the complex is gated and although the homes are a bit like houses, there are no yards to speak of. In the un-gated portion, the Celio homes are live & work combination type home/office. the ground floors are for commercial use and the upstairs for residential. For those who prefer convenience and not really interested in having a yard or entertaining guests, don’t miss checking out the Villa Metro community.