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36 FHA Approved Condos in Santa Clarita

Where to Find FHA Approved Condos in Santa Clarita

Discover exactly where to find FHA approved condos in Santa Clarita! If you've been searching for condominium homes lately, you've likely discovered it can be difficult to find FHA approved condominiums in Santa Clarita! This situation frustrates prospective home buyers dependent on FHA financing in order to buy a condo. We hope to help you with this.

We know it's disappointing when you find a nice condo, only to discover the complex does not qualify for FHA lending requirements. Well, since we know exactly where to find FHA approved condos in Santa Clarita, we've done something about it. See below, your complete list, always up to date!

If you prefer, feel free to contact us directly for help. We are real estate agents, Matt & Meray of the Gregory Real Estate Group, your local realtors. 661-713-4799. Also, if you are a first time home buyer have a look at possible grant opportunities for buyers that may be available to you.

If you are interested learning more about buying or selling HUD homes, we are a HUD approved and registered broker.

Comprehensive List of FHA Approved Condos in Santa Clarita - Updated 10/24/19!

See below, the current list of FHA approved condos and townhomes for Santa Clarita. At the time of this 10/24/19 update the list is thought to be accurate but it's critical to ALWAYS contact your lender or realtor to verify if a property is approved for FHA.

FHA Approved Condos and Townhomes in Valencia, 91355, 91354

If a facility below contains a link, it will take you to live listings of FHA approved condos for that community. There may or may not be any active listings for any one facility at any given time.

FHA Approved Condos and Townhomes in Canyon Country 91387, 91351

FHA Approved Condos and Townhomes in Saugus, 91350, 91390

FHA Approved Condos and Townhomes - Newhall, 91321

  • Scenic Hills - Expires 3/01/21
  • Sierra Village - Expired 2/18/18
  • Valle Di Oro - Expires 3/11/21
  • Vista Del Canon - New Expires 9/27/21
  • Friendly Village #6BC at 19345 Avenue of the Oaks - Expires 11/27/20
  • Friendly Village #7 at 19539 Brendle Way - Expires 4/30/21
  • Friendly Village #11 at 19575 Papazian Ct Newhall - Expires 6/18/21
  • Peachland Condos - Expires 7/2/21

FHA Approved Condos & Townhomes in 91381, Stevenson Ranch & Westridge

FHA Approved Condos and Townhomes in Castaic, 91384

  • None at This Time

Content Source - HUD.GOV as of 10/24/19

Condominiums Currently for Sale in Santa Clarita

There are always new listings arriving on the market and the above pre-approved FHA list continues to change. Again, we always recommend verifying FHA requirements with your realtor or lender before even going for a look.

More Information

Even with the list, it's very difficult to locate condos and townhomes and we really suggest contacting us so we can help you develop an effective strategy. It's going to take some work, creativity and patience. There are a few tricks we can use to improve your chances, but it can't all be done online. If your willing to reach out to us we'll help you develop some effective strategy to help you find suitable FHA approved condos or townhomes.

BTW, we'd like to give a shout out to Keith Renno at Wintrust Mortgage for the original FHA Approved Condo and Townhome list.

The list is a huge asset to help buyers find FHA approved condos and townhomes here in Santa Clarita. Updated information researched on 03/05/19 by the Gregory Real Estate Group. Although the list above is thought to be accurate, always verify in advance with your lender or realtor.

FHA Mortgages are insured by the Federal Housing Administration. The FHA's 203(b) loan program provides low-rate mortgages to buyers who make a down payment as small as 3.5 percent. The agency also operates loan plans for investors and purchasers of rural property.

FHA Alternative Financing Options

Recently we met with Keith and Jason and they informed us of some wonderful alternative options to FHA financing. It's sounded like very good news and gives you a low down payment and low interest loan. Contact us and we'll all get together with the Renno's and see if needed, we can help you get your financing without using FHA!


  1. Pete Gregory on August 28, 2017 at 11:35 am

    We have contacted Sonya via email with more information about where she might find Santa Clarita condos that are also FHA approved.

    For our visitors, yes, it can be difficult to find condos or townhomes that are also FHA approved. It gets even more difficult if you’re using one of the other large real estate websites to search because they DO NOT show all the listings! The only reliable home search results come directly from your realtor and their exclusive direct access to the MLS!

  2. Sonya Pruneda on August 20, 2017 at 10:41 am

    I need something in the 300k range can you help?

  3. Pete Gregory on March 11, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    Hi Brian,

    Yes, the whole FHA thing can be very frustrating, mostly because the approval dates can expire. Complexes that might be approved for FHA now, could soon expire. The list you found on our website was just updated last week, so that information will work for you.

    The American Beauty Classics are considered detached condos but they really have a single family home feel because they are not attached to any other structure. They are located in the Rainbow Glen area in Canyon Country. These do not need the complex to be FHA approved because they are detached structures.

    American Beauty Village – These are true condo style units located in the same area of the American Beauty Classics in Rainbow Glen.

    This Link is all about the different neighborhoods in Rainbow Glen. The American Beauty Classics and American Village Condos are included and there’s a map of the area as well. Rainbow Glen Neighborhood

    American Beauty Condos are located in a different area entirely. These are also true condo style units. They are located up Sierra Highway and Sundowner Way. In fact, we are just listing one now. We are just listing a 2 bedroom unit for $235K. It’s FHA approved and going in the MLS in the next day or two.

    Call me at my direct cell if you need more information. No sales pressure, just information!

    Matt Gregory

  4. Brian on March 11, 2016 at 11:21 am

    this is exactly what I was looking for… I’ve been so frustrated over this in Santa Clarita… Honestly I was giving up when I typed in: FHA Santa Clarita and saw this page come up. This is the most useful info I have found… one question. do you know if there is a difference between American Beauty Classics and American Beauty Condos?

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