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Waterford Condos and Townhomes in Valencia Bridgeport

See below a link to the difficult to find Waterford condos and townhomes in Valencia Bridgeport. Unfortunately, these popular Waterford condos and townhomes of Bridgeport do not come on the real estate market too often and when they do, they sell fast. There's a good chance you will NOT currently see any Waterford condo listings on the market. All homes displayed come from our live MLS feed, so it's always up to date!

See Real Estate Listings for Condos in the Waterford Subdivision

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Waterford Condos - Rarely for Sale!

The Waterford condo community is absolutely gorgeous and extremely sought after. If you're looking to buy a Waterford Condo or townhome in Valencia Bridgeport, it's going to take some serious strategy. You must be prepared to make a very generous offer or you won't get the home. Remember, real estate is still all about location, which is exactly why you'll rarely find these units on the market.

As of November 2016, there are no Waterford condos or townhomes for sale! in fact, the last Waterford listing sold on June 3rd, 2016. Then, there were no sales in May, but there were two in April. In fact, looking back for the last year, there is an average of one closed escrow per month.

Read below for some ideas on how you might purchase a condo in this popular Waterford neighborhood.

Waterford Condos and Townhomes


Strategy to Buy Valencia Waterford Condos and Townhomes

So, the question is how to buy one of these? To start with, you need to be notified the very second a condo or townhome comes on the market. In fact, you would be better off hearing of one of these units coming on the market before it's actually listed. This is difficult, but if you have a well connected realtor, he or she can put the word out and you might get lucky! Then, you're going to best mobile home search available and we've got you covered!

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No matter what, once a Waterford condo or townhome comes on the market, you're going to have to respond immediately. You must move fast, plan on making a generous offer and even then, you may not get the home.

Recent Sales for Waterford Condos and Townhomes in Valencia Bridgeport

The last two Waterford condos sold for $468K and $469K respectively. These homes had three bedrooms each and sized at 1844 sq ft. Be sure you really want one of these units and it's worth it to wait! To be honest, we encourage you to shop around to see what else you can buy in the Valencia zip code areas 91355 or 91354 priced from $400K to $500K. You might be surprised at what you can find.

See FHA Approved Condos & Check Approval Status

We show you where to find more FHA approved condos here in Santa Clarita. We also provide the current FHA approval status for each condominium complex.

Currently the Waterford condos and townhomes are FHA approved through March of 2018, so it makes these homes even more enticing for excited home buyers. Couldn't find what you looking for here? See our full list of all FHA approved condominiums in of Santa Clarita.

Valencia Realtors - Matt & Meray Gregory

If you want to buy a Waterford condo you'll need a realtor who is well connected and plays well with other local realtors. This is where we can help the most. Let's get started working together to buy your Waterford condo home, today!


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