Siena Villa Condominiums for Sale in Valencia CA

See below the Siena Villa Condominiums for sale in Valencia. Quite popular for income property investors, we've sold quite a few Siena Villa units over the years and at least half have been to an income rental investor. The listings below come from our live feed of MLS search results for the Siena Villas condominiums. They are never outdated, but since it's such a small community, there's always a chance NO listings will be displayed.

See below the listings of Siena Villa Condominiums for sale in Valencia.

Siena Villa Condos - Popular and Affordable

The Siena Villas condos certainly rank among some of the most popular Valencia has to offer. You'll find small one bedrooms units as well as the larger twin bedroom condo units. These are perfect for two friends splitting the monthly rental cost and investors love these units because they are very rentable! Keep in mind, these units often sell quite quickly. If you're interested in buying a unit we suggest taking quick action as fast as one pops up on the market.

Although we think you'll love these condos, there are many more condominium complexes throughout Valencia and the entire city of Santa Clarita. The thing is, you won't find many as nice as these Siena Villas. Since many of the 2 bed units are sized exactly the same and each with their own bathroom, it's absolutely perfect for two friends sharing rent.

Siena Villas Not Currently Approved for FHA Loans

One problem with the Siena Villa condos is FHA approval. I've never seen them pop up on our pre approved list of FHA approved condo facilities. We think that's due to the percentage of owner occupied units vs as rental units. There's a requirement that a certain percentage of units must be owner occupied in order for the entire complex to qualify for FHA approval.

If you're in search of a condo and using FHA financing we can help! Start by having a look at all the approved complexes in Santa Clarita, then contact us for more help.

See FHA Approved Condos & Check Approval Status

We show you where to find more FHA approved condos here in Santa Clarita. We also provide the current FHA approval status for each condominium complex.

BTW, you'll be able to easily view all listings on your phone. All MLS listings are completely mobile friendly you'll appreciate the ease of use! Our goals is always to save you time and make your home search super easy, especially when on the go!

Living Room B 28470 Santa Rosa Lane

Most housing developments include a certain number of apartment, townhouse, or condominium neighborhoods. Complexes can be found in Stevenson Ranch, Bridgeport, North Park, Northbridge and many others. In fact, buying a condo is a wonderful way for first time home buyers to get their start.

The best way to find condos in Santa Clarita is to visit our special page, specifically dedicated to finding condominiums for sale in all of Santa Clarita.

BTW, it you are a first time home buyer you might qualify for a FHA loan. Just verify you are buying a condo in a FHA approved condominium complex. With an FHA loan can get in with only a 3-1/2% downpayment. Geez, if the condo is 250K that means you can get in for less than 10K!

At this time we're not sure if the Siena Villa condominiums for sale qualify for FHA, but if interested be sure to contact us and we'll verify the FHA expiration date for you.

Be cautious of all condo complexes though because the FHA approvals expire and each complex must re-qualify on a regular basis. Just check with your realtor before making an offer to buy.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Siena Villa condominiums for sale in Valencia and look forward to hearing from you!

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We are your local Realtors® Matt & Meray Gregory. We have a good amount of first hand experience representing our friends and clients to buy and sell Siena Villa condos! We're ready to help you buy your condo, today!