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Condos for Sale in The Villas at Town CenterIf you're searching for a super convenient lifestyle don't miss having a look at the condos for sale in the Villas at Town Center or the Madisons.

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The Villas are located in the heart of Valencia CA on the corner of McBean Parkway and Magic Mountain Parkway. If you prefer living in a house, we suggest you have a look at all the homes for sale in Valencia CA. We also have plenty more Valencia condos available so there's no reason to feel limited here at the Villas. It's really just a matter of convenience and nothing beats these units.

In order to be of service to our Santa Clarita homebuyers, we have included a free home search resource below. The condos shown for sale on the maps below are restricted to only the Villas at Town Center. Just scroll down to see it all!

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Madison and Villas at Town Center

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The map below only represent the Condos for Sale in the Villas at Town Center. This also includes the Madison condos which are the exact same units! Please note, there may be more condos for sale not shown in the map below. Currently, the property owners have decided to sell a good number of units, so it is possible there are more units available for sale than shown in the MLS listings!



As Valencia real estate agents, the realtor team of Matt and Meray Gregory will be happy to arrange a visit or help you learn more about the condos for sale at the Villas of Town Center and the Madisons! 661-713-4799.

There are usually condos for sale in the Villas at Town Center. As most local Valencia Realtors know, the Villas are more commonly known as, The Madisons. None of us are really sure why the building owner decided to promote their latest sales campaign by calling these units the Villas at Town Center, but it's likely a marketing decision. Regardless, if you are a prospective condo buyer, you only need to know, the Villas and The Madisons as one and the same. If interested in learning more about these popular and super convenient units, here's a wonderful resource website especially for the Villas.

If you are planning to buy a condominium in Valencia, the absolute most convenient in Santa Clarita are the condos for sale in The Villas at Town Center. After living there ourselves for a number of years, we miss the convenience of walking to everything. Right across the street is some great dining, the local mall, grocery store, cleaners, dentist, coffee, optometrist, you name it, it's all within easy walking distance! If you can't pick up one of these units, walk down the street and take a look at the Siena Villa condos.

Should you have any questions of wish to schedule a visit to a home, please contact the husband and wife realtor team of Matt & Meray Gregory.

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We are Matt and Meray Gregory, real estate agents at the Gregory Real Estate Group. As local broker/realtors and lifetime residents, we provide professional real estate services and REAL, first hand local information not found elsewhere.

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