Condos for Sale in Stevenson Ranch

See below, listings of all condos for sale in Stevenson Ranch, CA. We also include brief information about the community, but for more information be sure check out our extensive community report for the Stevenson Ranch community.

Located about 35 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, Stevenson Ranch is a popular stop for prospective condominium buyers. There are 5 condo complexes in the community and if any units are available on the market, they will be displayed below in the search results for all condos for sale in Stevenson Ranch. There should be a few townhomes as well.

Listings Include Townhomes & Condos for Sale in Stevenson Ranch

if any ACTIVE listings of condos or townhomes come on the market here in Stevenson Ranch, they will be displayed below. If NO listings are displayed, take a look at listings of condos in all of Santa Clarita.

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Complexes Within Stevenson Ranch

Map to Condos in Stevenson Ranch
Map of Condo & Townhomes in Stevenson Ranch

Stevenson Ranch has 5 primary neighborhoods that include condos or townhomes. Unfortunately, there is confusion between the names of the neighborhoods. No matter how many neighborhood or complex names you might see, it’s really broken down into five areas. The subdivision names in the list below represent some of the community identifiers displayed when viewing listings of condos for sale in Stevenson Ranch. This is usually not important, except with condo complexes you’ll need to verify the correct name in order to determine the related homeowner’s association.

NOTE: As of 2023, there are some new homes using the Stevenson Ranch 91381 zip code, but the homes are actually located in in the new Valencia neighborhoods near Magic Mountain. Of course this is confusing, but eventually this should work itself out. The fact is, our map above is correct and accurately displayed only those condo and townhome neighborhoods directly within Stevenson Ranch.

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Condo Complex Identifiers

Just to give you an idea, here’s a partial list of some of the subdivision or neighborhood names you’ll see when searching for condos or townhomes in Stevenson Ranch.

  • Crown Villas
  • Stratford Collection
  • Treana Condos
  • The Arts
  • Diamond Head
  • Bellagio & Marblehead
  • Hillside Village
  • Toscana
25951 stafford rd unit c stevenson ranch ca
Unit in Crown Villa
Condo Examples in Stevenson Ranch
Examples of Condos in Stevenson Ranch

Stevenson Ranch Condo Complex HOA’s

Before making an offer to buy any condo, find out about the complex in advance. If possible, talk with a few of the residents. Here are some things to consider when sorting out condos in Stevenson Ranch CA.

  • Verify HOA monthly costs. Be very careful because some neighborhoods require 2 HOA’s.
  • Verify if there is a Mello Roos tax and if so, double check the cost and expiration date.
  • Read through the HOA Rules and Regulations. Ask the residents if the HOA is passive or strict.
  • Find out where you will park. Often, condos will be listed stating there is two car covered parking, but that is not always side by side. Also, indoor parking is not the same as “covered” parking.
  • Visitor parking. This might not seem like a big deal now, but you won’t be happy if you have guests and find out there is no convenient parking.
  • Verify all amenities and hours of operation.
  • Most facilities have reasonably good security but sometimes it can be very inconvenient. What happens if you lose your access card or keys? What does it cost for replacements?
  • There’s more, but at least you have somewhere to start.

FHA Financing – Stevenson Ranch CA Condos for Sale

Not all facilities in Stevenson Ranch are pre approved for FHA financing and the approvals have expiration dates. Have a look at our FHA list of approved facilities to see if the unit you might be considering is in an approved facility. Then, be very sure to verify with your lender and/or realtor before making an offer to buy.