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Shake Hands on Approved Short Sale

Santa Clarita Short Sale Transaction with Six Liens – Closed!

CPDE Santa Clarita Short Transaction With Six Liens, Closed!
Matt Gregory CPDE Realtor

As a realtor, I’m especially thankful when able to close a more difficult sale such as this short sale transaction with six liens on the property!

This was a big win for my client and it’s a good message of hope for those facing foreclosure. It doesn’t matter how bad things might be, there’s always hope, and there’s always a solution to avoid foreclosure.

In this case my client was so very disappointed to be facing foreclosure. I’m impressed how he took took the necessary action, avoided foreclosure and walked away with a fresh start! I’m grateful he entrusted me and our team for representation, and we’re so pleased with the outcome!

Back in 2011, we posted about this Santa Clarita short sale transaction success story. It really was an amazing true event on a home sale in Canyon Country. This transaction closed way back in 2011 but since then we’ve experienced similar success on numerous occasions. This was definitely worth an update and it’s a great share!

If you are a homeowner and facing the possibility of foreclosure, we can help, but you must take the action and give us a chance to help you with a fresh start. Contact Matt today at 661-713-4799.

The home in Canyon Country had a total of six liens and all were satisfied!

  • First trust deed loan
  • second trust deed loan
  • Three tax liens
  • one personal lien

On the surface it would  impossible this short sale could be a success, but it was! Especially in view of the fact that three of the liens were tax liens! Honestly, many homeowner’s would have walked away and accept the foreclosure.

Our Client Even Walked Away with $6K and a Fresh Start

Not only was we able to get every lien satisfied by the lender, but also got the lender to pay $6000.00 back to the homeowner to go towards his personal lien! When it comes to Santa Clarita Short Sales, this is unheard of!

We are so very happy for our client and wish the best of luck as they move forward with a fresh start and the doom and gloom has vanished

Avoid Incorrect Assumptions

Many consumers have misconceptions about short sales and often they are incorrect. If you’re a homeowner, struggling with your mortgage, it’s critical you speak to an expert! It costs you absolutely nothing for the FREE consultation and it’s very possible you have some options and solutions you’re presently unaware of. Did you know, it costs you nothing to short sale your home?

Many homeowners just assume that their situation is different, and a short sale won’t work. They assume the only option is foreclosure! This is almost always untrue and also why it’s best you talk with a CPDE Realtor experienced in helping homeowners through difficult situations!

When it comes to short sale transactions, it’s always important to have a real estate agent trained and experienced with short sales and other distressed properties. These transactions are not for the timid, and it’s possible your friendly neighborhood real estate agent may not be the best choice.

We have been fortunate enough to have helped many in successfully close their transactions, and we can help you too!
We know how disheartening it can be when financial problems arise but please know, we’re here to help. Don’t be afraid to reach out

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