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Short Sale Process

Information about the Short Sale Process

If you have general questions about short sales or the short sale process, have a look below at our reliable postings covering a wide range of topics as related to short sales. Also, it doesn’t matter you are located in Santa Clarita or anywhere in the SoCal vicinity, we can help. We are committed to helping consumers expand their knowledge regarding short sales, but most importantly we help our friends and clients by giving them the information needed so they understand the process of buying or selling a short sale property.

One of the best ways to avoid foreclosure is to short sale your home. Conversely, if you’re looking to buy a short sale or any distressed property, it’s a good way to get a deal. In either case, when if comes to short sales, you must understand the potential obstacles in the road ahead.

Time and Patience Required

Reliable short sale information can sometimes be difficult to find and transactions are often difficult to close. When buying a short sale, the primary ingredient is “patience.” It takes time to purchase a short sale property but if you do your homework, you can buy short sale homes under market value.

Our short sale posts include useful tips, for both buyers and sellers. The information provided is specific to residential short sale properties only. We do not cover commercial short sales.

Seller Received $3K Back

Santa Clarita Homeowner Receives $3000 After Short Sale – With this short sale, we obtained $3000 in cash back to the homeowner. It’s might not sound like all that much, but considering the circumstances, it certainly helped.

Seller Receives $6K and 6 Liens Wiped

Santa Clarita Short Sale Transaction with Six Liens – Closed! – Our client walked away with $6000 and six liens were wiped out! What a relief for the homeowner to avoid foreclosure and finally be rid of this burden. Also, the extra money resulting from this short sale transaction was icing on the cake!

As evidenced by our short sale success stories above, it’s true how short sale transactions help homeowners avoid foreclosure. Starting the short sale process is easy and costs the struggling homeowner nothing! The real estate broker fee is paid by the lender.

Who to Contact for Short Sale Help

Should you need short information specific to your situation, please feel free to contact us. Matt Gregory is a Certified Distressed Property Expert and we have helped many homeowners avoid foreclosure by short selling their homes.

Short Sale Topics

Couple Reading Letter About Late Mortgage

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act – No Cause to Delay Short Sale

By Matt Gregory | December 30, 2015

Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act Update 2018: Thankfully, in early 2018 the president extended the Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act to extend […]

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Image - of home we short sold also needing TLC

Short Sale – Fixer Home – “Sold” in Lake Elizabeth!

By Matt Gregory | January 7, 2015

Yes! Another short sale fixer home sold in Lake Elizabeth! We’re pleased to announce we rescued another friend and client, helping […]

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Radio Station Live

Matt Gregory on KHTS Hometown Radio – Don & Gino

By Matt Gregory | December 19, 2014

Realtor Matt Gregory on KHTS Hometown Radio with Don and Gino. Current Update! Back in 2011 many homeowners had lost […]

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How To Get Money to Move After Short Selling Home

By Matt Gregory | August 13, 2014

A common question and legitimate concern for residents with mortgage problems is, how to get money to move after short […]

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Get Money to Move after a Short Sale

Santa Clarita Homeowner Receives $3000 After Short Sale

By Matt Gregory | May 1, 2014

We’re pleased to announce, our client, a Santa Clarita homeowner receives $3000 After Short Sale. Yes, the homeowner avoided foreclosure […]

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House with Short Sale For Sale Sign

What is a Santa Clarita Short Sale?

By Matt Gregory | April 21, 2014

What is a short sale? Nowadays most homeowners and buyers have a much better general understanding of exactly what a short sale is and why one might want to short sale their home or perhaps buy a short sale. Find out more in this post by short sale expert, Matt Gregory.

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IRS Building in Washington D.C.

IRS Update Good News for Santa Clarita Short Sellers

By Matt Gregory | November 15, 2013

We are pleased to provide the following report from the California Association of Realtors regarding and IRS update and it’s […]

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Two people shaking hands on new house loan

Failure or Success? Home Affordable Modification Program

By Matt Gregory | August 22, 2013

The HAMP was originally implemented by the government to help homeowners who were close to foreclosure to stay in their […]

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Shake Hands on Approved Short Sale

Santa Clarita Short Sale Transaction with Six Liens – Closed!

By Matt Gregory | July 17, 2011

As a realtor, I’m especially thankful when able to close a more difficult sale such as this Santa Clarita short […]

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short Sale House Approved

Santa Clarita – San Fernando Valley – Short Sale Resource

By Matt Gregory | March 8, 2011

If planning to be involved on either side of the fence in a short sale transaction with a property located […]

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short sale sign

Tips for Buying a Short Sale Property

By Matt Gregory | March 7, 2011

If interested in buying a short sale property you may already know, it’s not easy! It takes some research in […]

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Short Sale Transactions Help Struggling Homeowners

Certified Distressed Property Expert Matt Gregory
Matt Gregory

If struggling with your mortgage you might be interested to discover how short sale transactions help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

I'm Matt Gregory and I'm a Certified Distressed Property Expert realtor. I've represented many friends and clients to buy and sell homes, but the most exciting part of my job is closing short sales. There's nothing more satisfying than helping homeowners avoid foreclosure. To see a long awaited short sale transaction close and watch our client walk away with a fresh start makes for a great days work! Of course, it takes much longer than one day and in fact, the short sale process can take a good amount of time.

Depending on a variety of factors, the entire process for most short sales can take from four to six months. Sometimes, less, and sometimes more. Thankfully, our professional team of experienced bank negotiators can often work with your lender to stall the sale date, giving us the time needed to complete a short sale. Have a look at the video and be sure to see the inspirational short sale success stories.

CAUTION: If facing foreclosure it's more important than ever to begin the short sale process ASAP. If you have received a Notice of Default, contact us immediately. If a SALE DATE has been set, it may be too late.

Informational Video About Short Sales

Yes, the video might be a bit dated but it's still useful, even today. Yes, there are some homeowners facing foreclosure, looking for a solution and that's where we can help!