Get Money to Move after a Short Sale

Santa Clarita Homeowner Receives $3000 After Short Sale

Santa Clarita Homeowner Receives $3000 After Short Sale by using CPDE Matt Gregory We’re pleased to announce, our client, a Santa Clarita homeowner receives $3000 After Short Sale. Yes, the homeowner avoided foreclosure and walked away with $3000 in their pocket to help cover their relocation costs.

As Certified Distressed Property Experts we keep well informed about the various financial assistance available for homeowners after short selling their home! If you are facing the possibility of foreclosure it’s important to speak with an expert to inform you of all your options and find a suitable solution. We can help!

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If you are a homeowner trying to avoid foreclosure, a short sale of your home is most likely the best solution. Honestly, done right, most Santa Clarita homeowners should receive $3000 after short selling. In fact, we’ve done even better than the $3K so contact us to learn more.

Many Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley residents are surprised to learn, a short sale should cost the struggling homeowner nothing! Not only should the short sale transaction be free, but in many cases we can obtain some home seller’s financial assistance as well. You may qualify, so contact us at the Gregory Real Estate Group today and we’ll help determine if you might qualify for cash back upon closing the transaction. 661-713-4799.

Our Gregory Real Estate team is extremely experienced with short sales and we have the training and experience to handle any type of transaction. As Certified Distressed Property Experts, we have been fortunate to have helped many friends and clients short sale their homes, walk away with a little money in their pocket and most importantly, a fresh start. Just like the Santa Clarita homeowner mentioned above, you might be able to get the $3000 in cash back as well. Another client of mine with six liens actually walked away with $6000 and the liens vanished!

Just like it did for the client in the headline, Santa Clarita Homeowner Receives $3000 After Short Sale. These sales are time consuming and are not for the timid. That’s why we have a professional bank negotiator to negotiate with our client’s lenders, on their behalf. Yes, we make less commission money but we don’t care! The most important aspect of any short sale is getting our client out from under their mortgage and moving forward with a fresh start. If handled correctly, their credit hit won’t be as severe as a foreclosure, they can take some time to recover, and a couple years down the road they can buy another home. Please, regardless of who you use to short sale your home, if facing the possibility of foreclosure it’s imperative to get started with the short sale process sooner rather than later. The chance for short sale success is much better if the homeowner takes action as early in the foreclosure process as possible.

If struggling with your mortgage, we can help, but you must take action to get started. If you want to be the next Santa Clarita homeowner receiveing $3000 after a short sale, we can help you with that!

No one likes to walk away from their home but the outcome with a short sale is the best option. We use cutting edge and up to date solutions that many other real estate agents may not be aware of. Short sale transactions are often extremely complex and time consuming. Now days, your friendly neighborhood real estate agent may not be the best choice for today’s real estate transactions. Take action, and maybe you can be like the Santa Clarita homeowner above and walk away with some relocation cash.

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