Tips for Saving Water in Our Santa Clarita Homes

Since Southern California is experiencing a horrible drought, it's time to share some tips for saving water in our Santa Clarita homes.

UPDATE for April 2018 - We had okay rain in 2017 and it looks like we'll go through this summer without any additional water use restrictions but we still caution residents to continue their water saving habits. It's not that difficult and it just makes sense to avoid wasting our precious water.

March 2016 Update - Tips for Saving Water in Our Santa Clarita Homes

Looking back, I'm so happy we published this post about water saving tips. I don't think any of us really thought two years would pass and we would still be in this serious drought. Even though we finally received a bit more rain this 2015/2016 rainy season, we're a long way from recovery! Thankfully, as I write this update, it is pouring down rain!

It's crucial all of us living and working here in Santa Clarita continue to be diligent to save water at every opportunity. I'm also so proud of how all of our residents really came through and did their part. Checking with our local water company, we I for one completely changed my water use habits and I no longer care so much about my lawn as well. As far as I'm concerned, let it be brown! Learn more about the communities of Santa Clarita.

Here's the post as it was written back in may of 2014.

By now it's obvious we in Santa Clarita and throughout the Southern California area are in for a long hot summer, and the California drought is sure to impact us and our homes!

This is no surprise, so when we received our notice from the Valencia Water Company about cutting back at least 20%, we finally started taking this water conversation seriously. This is when we all realized this is no joke and we have a serious problem!

As local residents and realtors we immediately began thinking about what we could do to save water in our Santa Clarita homes and offices this summer.

Sure, we knew there must be plenty of other tips for saving water in our Santa Clarita homes, but we wanted our own list of tips outlining the things we felt we could accomplish without much thought or effort.

Check with the water company to learn how much water could be saved from each tip, but we know every little bit is going to help!

  • Showers - NO shaving in the shower while the water is running! How about just wetting down, turning off the water while lathering, then turn it back on for a quick rinse.
  • Turn off faucets while brushing teeth.
  • Keep a large container handy by each sink and use it to save water while waiting for the hot water to come on.
  • Make sure to use full loads when running the washing machine or the dishwasher.
  • If you can afford it, swap out your toilets and faucets to the water saving type. This is now a requirement when obtaining a remodeling permit for all homes built prior to 1997. By 2017, it will be a required for all homes regardless of remodeling, or not.
  • When purchasing certain water saving washing machines the water companies offer rebates. We got a $200 credit towards our water bill when we bought a water saving washing machine from Sears a few months ago.
  • The landscape irrigation is always a problem and may be the toughest to control. Obviously, we don't want to overwater but we also don't want our lawns and gardens to die!. We're going to have to suck it up and pay attention to each sprinkler head, all summer long! Make sure the automatic sprinklers are operating correctly and pointed in the right direction. Get the water saver type heads. Experiment with the durations for water times, and adjust to the shortest possible durations. This is going require constant monitoring and adjustments, but we now must take the time to control it
  • Washing the Cars can be done with very little water. Most important is, never leave the water running the whole time. Use a nozzle that enables you to switch the water off without going to the hose bib. Research this a bit and you are sure find some great suggestions for keeping your car clean without wasting water.

Visit SCV Water for residential customers and you'll find plenty of outstanding tips for saving water in our Santa Clarita Homes.

Water Conservation Workshops

To learn more tips for saving water in your Santa Clarita homes, check with the water company for workshops in your area. While visiting be sure to check out some of the generous water saving rebates available for things like lawn replacement, irrigation controller replacements and other deals.

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