8 Simple Tips for Saving Water in Santa Clarita

Simple Tips for Saving Water

It’s now 2022 and our 8 simple tips for saving water will again be needed because we are officially in another drought! In fact, SCV Water has activated Stage 2 of the Water Saving Contingency Plan and residents have been sent notifications informing us of new requirements to save water. Stage 2 includes prohibited and restricted water saving measures and there are penalties for continued violation. As the drought worsens these requirements will become more strict!


Residents will only be allowed to water their yards 3 days per week and with strict limits on the length of time each irrigation zone can run. Odd addresses can water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while even addresses on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. No watering is allowed on Saturdays. We must also limit watering times to no more than 10 minutes per zone. Between May and October we can only water from 12:00am to 9:00am or 8:00pm to 12:00am. Also, if washing a car, all hoses must have a shut off type nozzle so no water is wasted. No washing down driveways or sidewalks. Of course there is more, so please keep an eye on your mail to receive all the information.

We originally posted this back in 2014 when all residents in our area cut cut back on water usage by 20%. It looks as though the latest drought is serious but to what extent, we’ll need to wait and see.

As we head into another hot summer, the Santa Clarita Water Board of Directors enacted Stage 2 of the Water Shortage Contingency Plan. You can also visit the City of Santa Clarita website to learn of our water conservation measures.

UPDATES from April 2015 – 2018 – During the 3 year period after publishing this post we updated it several times in an effort to help keep the community informed. We had okay rain in 2016 and 2017 and made it through the summers without any additional water use restrictions. After experiencing a long drought we all learned what was needed to save water and most residents answered the call! We know, SCV locals will do there part now and in the future. After all, we all learned it’s not that difficult and it just makes sense to avoid wasting our precious water.

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8 Tips for Saving Water in Our Homes

Sure, we know there are plenty of other tips for saving water, but we wanted our own list of tips outlining the things we felt could be accomplished without much thought or effort. Check with the water company to learn more, but we know every little bit is going to help!

  1. Showers – Avoid shaving in the shower while the water is running! How about just wetting down, turning off the water while lathering, then turn it back on for a quick rinse.
  2. Turn off faucets while brushing teeth.
  3. Keep a large container handy by each sink and use it to save water while waiting for the hot water to come on.
  4. Make sure to use full loads when running the washing machine or the dishwasher.
  5. If you can afford it, swap out your toilets and faucets to the water saving type. This is now a requirement when obtaining a remodeling permit for all homes built prior to 1997. As of 2017, it’s required for all homes regardless of remodeling, or not.
  6. When purchasing certain water saving washing machines the water companies offer rebates. We got a $200 credit towards our water bill when we bought a water saving washing machine a few months ago.
  7. The landscape irrigation is always a problem and may be the toughest to control. Obviously, we don’t want to over water but we also don’t want our lawns and gardens to die!. We’re going to have to suck it up and pay attention to each sprinkler head, all summer long! Make sure the automatic sprinklers are operating correctly and pointed in the right direction. Get the water saver type heads. Experiment with the durations for water times, and adjust to the shortest possible times. This is going require constant monitoring and adjustments.
  8. Washing the cars can be done with very little water. Most important is, never leave the water running the whole time. Use a nozzle that enables you to switch the water off without going to the hose bib. Research this a bit and you are sure find some great suggestions for keeping your car clean without wasting water.
Landscaped Back Yard With Rock and Gravel
This Palmdale homeowner went all out to minimize watering.

Save Water With a Landscape Overhaul?

Back in 2017 some Santa Clarita homeowners went all out by removing lawns and any other plants or shrubs requiring too much water. Certainly, residents can now do the same, but they should know, home buyers are more attracted to yards with nice lawns, especially if they have children. Also, artificial turf just is not the same and comes with it’s own set of maintenance problems.

Newer Communities Developed with Water Conservation in Mind

Most of the newer communities here in Santa Clarita have been built and landscaped with water conservation in mind. Although some residents miss the expansive greenbelts, the builders have done a terrific job making the homes and neighborhoods more efficient and attractive, all requiring much less water.

Water Conservation Workshops

In the past there were workshops available to help educate residents and learn of more tips for saving water in our Santa Clarita homes. Check with the water company for workshops or webinars in your area. Also, be sure to check out some of the generous water saving rebates available for things like lawn replacement, irrigation controller replacements and other deals.

Share Of Rebates or Specials

Due to spam, we usually do NOT allow comments on our posts, but for this one we will make an exception. If you hear of special water saving product rebates, informational workshops or webinar events, please leave a comment. We will review it within 1 business day and publish it right here.

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