Worried About Foreclosure? Help is Available in Santa Clarita

Home Under Water

Are you are a homeowner and worried about foreclosure? If trying to avoid foreclosure, help is available in Santa Clarita, and there are solutions for almost any situation.

We must begin by stating, we are realtors and not lawyers or accountants. However, over the years we have gained plenty of personal experience working with homeowners facing foreclosure. We know how badly our clients worry about foreclosure when experiencing financial difficulties. That’s why we published this post! Anyone facing foreclosure should know we have solutions and a long track record of helping others in your exact same situation.

Focus on Solutions to Foreclosure

  • First, stop worrying! Of course you are concerned and we know that telling you not to worry isn’t helpful. It’s also easier said than done, but it’s the truth. Being concerned is different than worrying yourself to death! It will not help you avoid it and after all, it likely took some time to find yourself in this unfortunate situation. There are usually options and solutions of which you may not be unaware.
  • Live in the Present! It’s going to take some time to solve the problem, but it will eventually be solved and you will move on with your life.
  • Depersonalize the situation! From this point forward think of your foreclosure as a business challenge. Act as if you are helping a client or customer solve a problem you are are good at solving. Remember, no worrying! In Santa Clarita there is help available so you don not need to face it alone.
  • Focus! Now that you’re ready to deal with the problem, it’s time to FOCUS on solving it! You CANNOT do it in one day, so it’s suggested to start with a few minutes a day working toward the solution! Start off with sorting through your mail. Get together all email or mailbox correspondence you have received from your lenders. You don’t even have to read the mail if you don’t want to. Start with baby steps, just a few small steps at a time.
  • Speak to Experts! In my experience, some homeowners assume there are no solutions and all is lost. They are embarrassed or think they know it all, and don’t consult with an professional. They won’t even share their problem with their friends, let alone a CPA, short sale expert or attorney. Think about it from the outside looking in! It makes no sense to NOT speak with a professional. It doesn’t matter if you are a CPA, lawyer, or banker, consult with another professional.
  • Meet with a real estate agent that is also a certified distressed property agent. You may be able to short sale your home, and even walk away with a little pocket money to help you rent a new home.
  • Loan Modifications usually don’t work in the long run, but in some cases they do. It’s going to cost more in the end!
  • Speak with your CPA about tax implications. Learn more about the Mortgage Debt Relief Act.
  • Decision time! No more procrastinating! After consulting with professionals most homeowners learn that a short sale is the best possible outcome for their specific situation. Select your real estate agent. Success is never promised but choosing a Certified Distressed Property Agent should be a top priority. It really is critical you choose someone that has a vast amount of experience and success with short sale transactions.

Matt & Meray Gregory are both highly experienced REALTOR® & Brokers. Matt is a Certified Distressed Property Expert and has helped many homeowners avoid foreclosure by short selling their homes. Meet with us and we’ll explain your options. 661-713-4799.