Bargain Houses for Sale

Aerial View of Homes in SCV

See some fantastic deals and bargain houses for sale in various communities within or nearby Santa Clarita, CA. There is no special criteria for these listings although some might be considered affordable in nature, while other are more expensive.

Typically, you’ll find more homes for sale on our MLS home search pages, but when certain new listings appear in specific areas and in interesting price ranges, we often share. As local realtors and lifetime SCV residents, we understand how difficult it can be to determine if the listing you are viewing is considered a bargain house for sale. That’s exactly why we provide our visitors with this information. To help weed out the over market price listings and find the bargains.

The bargain houses are simply our way of sharing interesting finds in the real estate market at any given time. Please, when viewing the homes be sure to fully investigate each listing to confirm it really is a bargain. Should you have any questions or need some help, give us a shout and we’ll investigate further.

Affordable Homes in Castaic Priced $300K to $400K

Affordable Homes in Castaic Priced $300K to $400K

Have a look at a few listings of affordable homes priced from $300 to $400K now on the market in Castaic. With home prices rising, we’re doing our best to share at least a few that might fit into more budgets.

How to Determine if a House is a Bargain?

When it comes to buying residential real estate, it can be difficult and tricky to accurately determine if a property is a good deal! First off, not all homes are the same. As always, the actual location continues to be the #1 factor. When comparing one home with another, be sure they are in the same neighborhood. Even then, exactly where the home is situated is also a factor. Honestly, if you have an experienced realtor who is sincerely looking after your best interests, he or she will provide you with the guidance needed to make accurate and informed decisions.

  • First, we must determine the real price. Factor in all HOA and/or Mello Roos and other bond assessments. When we see a home priced below market, there’s usually a reason. And, it the house is in Santa Clarita the reason might be a high Mello Roos and/or HOA costs. Sometimes there are even two HOA’s!
  • Year Built – The age of the home could be a factor, especially when considering future repairs, such as HVAC equipment, roofing and plumbing. Although the often last longer, modern roofing materials are set to last 20, 25 or 30 and even up to 50 years. If it’s an older home, in GREAT condition the year built is much less of a factor.
  • Location, location, location! We already mentioned this but it’s worth repeating. It’s not just the city and neighborhood, but also placement on the street. Is there a school nearby? Is the home located on a cul-de-sac?
  • General repairs, paint, etc. Is the home move in ready, or is there some work to be done?
  • If it’s a two story home, is there one bedroom downstairs? This can be a big deal! For example, if looking at two very similar 4 bed homes and one home has a bed downstairs and the other has all bedrooms upstairs, the home with the bedroom downstairs is the winner.
  • Extras – Swimming pool, stone floors and counters. What about window treatments, patio covers and fencing?
  • This is a very short list and it is only intended as a spark to help homebuyers think things through.

Again, when determining if you are really seeing a bargain house for sale, be sure to consider all the factors.
There’s more, but if you really want to get a deal when buying a home, it takes some homework and you have to start somewhere.

Good luck with your home search and we hope you find plenty of bargain houses for sale from which you can choose. Call or Text Matt & Meray: 661-713-4799