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To get started now simply enter the zip code or city of interest to view current listings. No more sharing your contact information with huge corporations such as Zillow or Trulia. Quickly view the listings of all homes for sale on the MLS. Even better, you won't be hounded by realtors.

After entering your area of interest you'll be able to set your own specific search criteria. You will have the ability to search homes for sale on the MLS in Santa Clarita, or any other city. All without speaking with a realtor. If you prefer not filling out a form we have more super simple home search options where you can just tap and go!

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Free Home Search App for Mobile

If you want the very best home search app for your phone or tablet, try our FREE app. Download it at the Apple app store or Google Play and you will be all set! Even better, the app is location aware. It doesn't get much easier than that!

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If you prefer, instead of using the maps or forms to search homes for sale on the MLS, you can visit our super simple community lists of homes for sale in Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas. We've already set up saved searches and so you don't need to do anything at all. It's NOT required to log in or register unless you want to save your search results or you'd like receive a notification whenever a price changes or a new home comes on the market matching your requirements. You have complete control!

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We Can Search for You

As local realtors based in Santa Clarita, we help our visitors quickly and easily find homes to buy in Santa Clarita and the surrounding communities. By utilizing our personalized home finding technology we can save you time and money by only sending you listings matching your criteria. Of course, you can continue to search homes for sale the MLS right here but now you know we can reduce your work load and take care of it for you if you desire. Sometimes we even have listings that don't yet appear on any website.

Using our home search, prospective home buyers can search homes here in Santa Clarita , San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, Antelope Valley, Ventura, Los Angeles and throughout all of California. Really, it's up to you to personalize the home search criteria to fit your needs.

What is the MLS

The MLS is an abbreviation for the Multiple Listing Service. The MLS provides realtors and prospective home buyers with the ability to find and view all the homes for sale, in real time. The search results are always up to date and are updated hourly.

NEW FEATURE: We now offer Coming Soon listings! This is especially helpful for aggressive buyers when inventory is low and demand is high.

4 Basic Filters to Narrow Your Home Search:

  1. Search homes for sale, rent or land only.
  2. Set filter for number of bedrooms.
  3. Set filter for number of bathrooms.
  4. Search by price.

Once entering the search criteria, the MLS will immediately display the listings. Then, users can save those searches and choose to be notified in the future if there are changes to those search results. Try it out yourself using the home search panel shown on this page.

Narrow Your Search
On this site, once you see the search results using the above mentioned filters, you will then have the ability to perform an advanced search using more filters to narrow down the search even further.

Advanced Search Filters include the following:

  • Search By School District.
  • Search by address, MLS number or even a keyword.
  • Search by home size.
  • Search by year built.
  • Filter to see only distressed properties, new construction or properties having an open house.

As you can see, using our advanced search filters enable you narrow your search results to exactly fit your criteria.

Search Homes for FREE Without Providing Your Information
On this site, we enable you to search as much as you want, and it's completely free. Unlike Zillow or any other nationwide real estate websites, you don't need to provide your information to use our search and no real estate agent will contact you.

MLS Home Search Alerts
Experienced home buyers save time by setting up alerts and being notified immediately when a new home matching your specifications comes on the market. You can also save your favorite properties to keep an eye on their status. Even better, you can share your favorite listings with your spouse or friends!

There's more, but be assured, we will never share your information with anyone. We value your privacy and ours! It's that simple!

Beautiful Home Interior
Contemporary Home Interior With an Open Floor Plan

Information Available to You in the MLS

Some realtors, us included, pay extra so we're able to provide the free home search service for our web visitors, friends and clients. We can all search homes for sale based on our specific criteria and it saves us all valuable time. Additionally, unlike most other information found on other websites, our information is reliable and always current!

BTW, you won't be able to access all information exactly like a realtor, but it's very close. When a realtor searches for homes they are shown a little more information, usually confidential and not to be shared publicly.

More Home Buying Resources

We know, buying a home can take time so we've provided some helpful resources for home buyers. We provide two additional services, not usually offered by other realtors. Besides enabling prospective homebuyers to search homes for sale on the MLS, you can also easily search homes for sale in popular communities in Santa Clarita. This is especially helpful for prospective home buyers unfamiliar with an area.

In addition to listings, our community pages provide first hand, detailed information about schools, shopping, demographics and a lot more! We also include photo galleries and some terrific videos.

The search tools offered here utilize the most advanced technology available today! Our visitors can search homes currently for sale on the MLS, anywhere in the Los Angeles County area and adjacent cities. Searchable communities include Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic and many more. This is a direct feed of active MLS listings and is always current.

Home Search - Online Tools - FREE Apps

Besides providing you with the ability to search for homes on the MLS, we have other real estate related tools available. Very few other real estate sites offer this specialized and advanced technology. Be sure to check out our homebuyer's resources for links to specific information, demographics, schools, and more.

We hope you found helpful our share about the best ways to search for homes on the MLS. We look forward to hearing from you.


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