Peaceful Santa Clarita Parks

Santa Clarita Valley has an abundance of local Santa Clarita parks of all types and sizes. Some parks are large city parks, with playgrounds, baseball fields, soccer fields, swimming pool and recreation rooms. These are quite nice, but the neighborhood locals often prefer the smaller and less visited neighborhood parks. If you're planning to buy a home anywhere in Santa Clarita, we can help. As life long residents and local Santa Clarita Realtors, we have the inside local information you'll need to help you buy your home.

Small Neighborhood Parks
The local neighborhood parks are usually accessible via the Santa Clarita trail systems and often are located adjacent to a school. The smaller Santa Clarita parks won't have swimming pools and recreation rooms, but they usually have plenty of shade trees, trails, small playgrounds, park benches and such.

Larger Santa Clarita City Parks
The larger Santa Clarita parks usually have swimming pools, bathrooms, picnic tables, barbecue pits, playgrounds, ball fields and recreation room and more. One of the more popular larger city parks with a pool might be Santa Clarita Aquatics Park located on Seco Canyon Road in Saugus. Another larger park we really like is Canyon Country Park. It doesn't have a pool, but it's just gorgeous and a wonderful location for a picnic! Then, we love our old favorite, Old Orchard Park. It's an older park located on Lyons Avenue in Newhall and the shade trees are just gorgeous!

Parks of Santa Clarita

Central Park
If you have not visited Central Park located up Bouquet Canyon, you won't want to miss taking a visit. Most of the Santa Clarita residents know of Central park because this is where we attend our popular, Concert in the Parks. They have just about everything there, but no swimming pool. It's got a large playground, bathrooms, lots of baseball and fields for soccer and youth football. Then, there's an enclosed dog park where your pooch can run, leash free! We love the garden area. Basically, if you live in a condo or don't have enough room for your own garden, you can rent a garden plot and tend it on your own.

Peaceful Santa Clarita Parks

Micro Neighborhood Parks

Located within a few local neighborhoods we have micro or mini parks, similar to the new Marketplace Park.  These parks usually include walking paths or a track, and nice sized open lawn area, and a few park benches. Most don't have bathrooms, so these parks are intended for only short visits and are not the ideal location for a picnic.

If you'd like to spend some time a one of our local parks, there are many to choose from. The small neighborhood parks are often hidden away deep within the neighborhoods. The best way to find them is to have a look at the city parks web page for more exact locations.