91350 Homes Priced $600,000 to $700,000

See the most recent listings of 91350 homes priced $600,000 to $700,000. In the past, this has been a wonderful price range. Interested buyers will begin to see condos, townhomes or detached homes. Yes, we know spending $600K to $700K is a lot of money, but we think there are some good opportunities for buyers. If you don’t see any homes matching your requirements be sure to see all 91350 Real Estate.

Listings of 91350 Real Estate Priced $600,000 to $700,000

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map of 91350 zip code area
Map of 91350 Zip Code Area

91350 Real Estate – Price Ranges

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Overview 91350 Homes Priced from $600K to $700K

In 2023 this is the most popular price range, mostly because more buyers are pre approved to make a purchase in this price range. There are not as many buyers qualified to buy higher priced homes as there are for the lower priced properties. Regardless, the listings we do see here are quite nice and as long as buyers are pre approved for the loan amount, we know we can find a few nice homes in this area.

As of this publication, most of the 91350 homes in this price range will be from approximately 1,200 up to 1,600 sq ft, give or take! There will be 2 bedroom homes and a few 3 bedroom homes. You might find an older 4 bedroom home, but those will be far and few. Some homes will have family rooms or dens, dining rooms, etc. The kitchens are typically a big selling point and most often will have been upgraded.

91350 Zip Code Area in Plum Canyon
Portion of 91350 Zip Code in Plum Canyon


  • As of 2024, the homes in this $600K to $700K price range are very sought after. Why? Because this is where more buyers can financially qualify. That means, for the most desired properties competition could be stiff and it’s not unusual for homes to sell for more than the the list price.
  • Be sure to double check if there is an HOA and/or Mello Roos taxes. If so, verify the amounts BEFORE making a purchase offer. We know our clients & regular website visitors are tired of hearing us repeat this, but it’s so very important. These amounts do factor into the debt to income ratios and can make or break your deal!
  • If you are using an agent from out of the SCV area be sure to warn them about the Mello Roos. Many tend to minimize this bond assessment, but in a few neighborhoods the annual amounts can be surprisingly high! All too often we’ve seen deals fall through because the buyers real estate agent did NOT verify the Mello Roos amounts in advance.

If planning to buy a home anywhere in Santa Clarita, be sure to VERIFY all Mello Roos amount in advance. If utilizing FHA financing for a condo or townhome, it’s critical to verify if the neighborhood is approved for FHA as well.