91354 Homes Priced from $500K to $600K

Have a look below at all Valencia CA 91354 homes priced from $500K to $600K. All the listings shown below consist of only those homes currently for sale in the specified price range. If you prefer, have a look at all real estate in the 91354 zip code area.

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Homes Priced $500,000 – $600,000 in the 91354 Zip Code Area

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Homes Commonly Found Priced at $500K to $600K in 91354

The homes displayed above are a direct feed from our local MLS. When viewing homes priced from $500,000 to $600,000, it’s likely you’ll see a nice grouping of condos and townhomes. It’s unlikely you will see any houses in this range, but that might change are the real estate market evolves.

If hoping to find a single family home (house) in this price range, you might consider buying a detached home instead. A detached home does NOT share any common walls with the neighbors. It’s just like a house, but it’s typically smaller and with a smaller yard or just a patio and/or balcony. Detached townhomes or condos have become a common home type in new developments.The square footage will vary and you may have to jump to a higher price point, but at the time of this publication we’re seeing units sized from 910 to 1,307 sq ft in this area.

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Those searching for homes priced in this price range will likely be looking a condos or townhomes. If so, take a look at the listings of Santa Clarita condos for sale. Our page is also a HUB and includes links to many noted condo complexes in the area. Very helpful for finding those hidden condo neighborhoods.

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BTW, don’t just limit yourself to searching this Valencia community. Lately, Copper Hill North is one of the most most popular communities in all of Santa Clarita. You might be surprised at all the amazing neighborhoods here in Santa Clarita Valley.

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