91354 Homes Priced Over $900K

See below, Valencia CA 91354 homes priced over $900K. The 91354 zip code is located in the northern portion of the popular Valencia community of Santa Clarita. In fact, some residents claim the 91354 zip code area is the most popular in these parts!

Buyers unfamiliar with the area should know in advance, there will probably be competition from other buyers when making an offer. If the home listed is priced right and in a great location, the seller may receive multiple offers, possibly at prices above the listed price.

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Listings of 91354 Homes Priced Over $900,000

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Facts About 91354 Homes Priced Above $900K

All listings shown above include homes for sale in the 91354 zip code area. the listings include homes priced over $900,000 and you probably won’t find any condos or townhomes in this price range. If you didn’t find many homes in this price range, we suggest considering having a look at all upscale homes in Santa Clarita.

If it’s within your financial reach, the homes here are wonderful options for those moving up! Unfortunately, when home pricing exceeds $900K it becomes out of reach for many two income households in this area.

As expected, there are some amazing homes available and most are big, beautiful and tapped with that special designers touch. If you’re planning to choose from 91354 homes priced over $900k, you’re in the right place.

Gorgeous and Expensive Home at Twlight

General Descriptions of Homes in This Range

The homes we looked at here in 2022 are truly amazing. Priced at $1,400,000 was a 6 + 6 home sized at 5,023 sq ft. This one was located on Hacienda Court in Tesoro Del Valle. Then, priced at $1,200,000 was a large 5 + 3 home sized at 3,200 sq ft and located in the Northpark neighborhood. Another home priced at $1,375,000 is a 5 + 5 sized at 4,022 sq ft also located in Tesoro. This one was a resort styled property complete with all the upgrades and private amenities one could dream of. Just beautiful!

Keep in mind, the homes we’re describing are in the 91354 North Valencia area. There are plenty more upscale Valencia homes in the 91355 Zip Code area. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance those homes will be even more costly than these.

Considerations for Homes in This Range

You’ll soon discover there’s not a large selection of homes in this higher price range in this zip code area. We suggest, by looking at other Santa Clarita areas and neighborhoods you’ll have a much wider selection from which to choose. Check out our luxury homes section as well. The luxury homes page identifies the Santa Clarita communities known to have a good selection of upscale homes.

Too save you time and money, we offer our personalized home search service! This is perfect for busy professionals to avoid spending an excessive amount of time searching. First, we research all homes on the market matching your criteria. Then we pre qualify each home, eliminating those homes not fully matching your needs. Only after each home has been fully vetted do we send you the listings for your own consideration. As long as we represent you for your home purchase, our personalized home search service costs you nothing.