91384 Homes Priced Under $400,000

Unfortunately, as of 2022 it’s highly unlikely there will be any 91384 homes are available priced below $400,000. As a result, the listings displayed below will only include homes on the market priced from $600K and BELOW. Even at these higher prices, there will be few homes available here in Castaic.

Yes, it is still possible to find homes in Santa Clarita Valley priced below $400K, but you’ll need to check out some other SCV neighborhoods, probably condos in perfectly nice neighborhoods. Get started finding less costly homes by viewing all condos & townhomes for sale in SCV.

Listings of 91384 Homes Priced Below $600,000

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Overview of Homes in 91384 in this Price Range

91384 Homes Priced Under 400K are Few
Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see listings in this price range for this zip code area. Yes, homes prices have increased and here in Castaic there are only a few condo facilities. We can assure you, when a condo does come on the market you should be able to pick one up for around $400K, at least as of 2022.

By the way, if you see a home that seems under priced, check to see if it’s manufactured housing. We’re not referring to mobile homes, but there are a couple Castaic neighborhoods with manufactured homes. Again, they are not mobile homes, but we only mention this so our buyers know to carefully read and verify all listing information.

When buying a first home and planning to utilizing FHA financing, be sure to verify if the condo facility is FHA approved. Usually this information is displayed by the listing agent in the remarks or property description, but not always.

Don’t Lose Hope!
There are still a few areas here in SCV where suitable homes can still be found. If you are a first time buyer on a tight budget we suggest looking in a different area. Make a purchase & build some equity, so later you can use the proceeds towards homes in other areas at a higher price point. We offer resources and loads of helpful advice for first time buyers eager to get into a first home.

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