Castaic CA 91384 Homes Priced Under $400,000

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The listings below come from our live MLS feed which includes a variety of homes in the 91384 zip code area priced under $400,000! The 81384 zip code area primarily consists of Castaic, CA.

If you don't find a suitable home you'll have the opportunity to complete search form and keep looking until finding something of interest. Alternatively, down below you can simply choose from another price range within this same area of 91384 real estate.

Listings of 91384 Homes Priced Below $400,000

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31732 Ridge Route Road #109 Castaic, CA 91384

Price $229,999
Beds 1
Baths 1
Living Area SqFt 755
Status Active
MLS # SR20057156
Property Type Condominium

31836 Marcasite Lane Castaic, CA 91384

Price $398,000
Beds 2
Baths 2
Living Area SqFt 1,140
Status Active
MLS # SR20056650
Property Type Single Family
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Overview of 91384 Homes Priced Under $400K

91384 Homes Priced Under 400K are Few
Don't be discouraged if you don't see many listings in this price range for this zip code area. This is because there are few condo facilities within the community. If we bump the price up, even in small increments, the number of listings will increase dramatically and you'll find many more affordable listings of houses. One good thing about the 91384 zip area is, as compared to the 91355 or 91354 areas, you can always get more house for your money.

By the way, if you see a home that seems under priced, check to see if it's manufactured housing. We're not referring to mobile homes, but there are a couple Castaic neighborhoods with manufactured homes. Again, they are not mobile homes but we only mention this so our buyers know to carefully read and verify all listing information.

When buying a first home and planning to utilizing FHA financing, be sure to verify if the condo facility is FHA approved. Usually this information is displayed by the listing agent in the remarks or property description, but not always.